[Archive] Xander's Blunderbuss WIPs


I will likely be casting at least 3 of these so that I can make more. :slight_smile:

I went for a big variety between each miniature.

Would love to hear your thoughts. :cheers

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow some really cool masks there! Any chance to get a closeup of each? :slight_smile:


The masks didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped for, but oh well. :slight_smile:

Here’s a shot, a bit closer:  


Looking very nice - sad to see you didn’t made it within the deadline.

Hopefully we will see them painted soon :stuck_out_tongue:


looks cool!

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Looks very nice, like the heavy feeling of those big gun guys. Are they converted from the Dwarf miner jackhammers?


Freaking awesome. Now you’re giving me ideas :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

very cool conversions. are those arms from the miner power jack?

edit: whoa what are those casted cd’s w/great weapons I spy?


They are, Xander covered them in his casting video I believe.


They remind me a bit of the CD Rambo fig! Sharpening the features here and there and you’ve got some great BBs mate! :cheers


Yep, Miner steam drills. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys.

And yes, those GW dudes are Immortals. The same guys I make a mold of in my mold making and resin casting videos.


Once again awesome work Xander. I still haven’t checked outyou casting video but I really do need too…


Some new pics to behold:

[attachment=2412] [attachment=2413] [attachment=2414] [attachment=2415]


looking good, so its pneumatic drill arms and what’s the other arms may i ask?


Very nice! They look like heavy weapon guys. Dare I ask how they will rank up?


?one rank maybe?

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They look pretty cool, especially the BB made from the Chaosspawn is very nice idea!


Very nice!  They look like heavy weapon guys.  Dare I ask how they will rank up?

Something like this:



Sweet models!!! Great inspiration indeed!!! Love every single bit o them


Thanks Skink!

I tested out a black colour tint this time around. It makes very a very convincing grey (used too much on the first batch, but got it right the second time).

I already have 20 BBs cast. With 20 more planned. :slight_smile: