[Archive] Xander's Scratch-Built K'daai Destroyer


The contest is done, so I thought I’d share some WIP pics. I sculpted it using Super Sculpy. :slight_smile:

WIP Pics:

Man, Flickr looks so much nicer than it used to. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, let me know!

:hat off


Really a great model you build there! :o

Kudos dude! :hat off

You can be proud of it! :cheers


Goltor Lintrepide:

Wow! That seems to be a lot of work!

It really looks like the one from the monstrous arcanum, well done!


I loved your Destroyer, you had my vote!

thank you for sharing all the WIP pictures! great to see how it was created, very inspiring.


I am impressed, truly!!! One of my faves!!!

Fuggit Khan:

Wow! You scratch-built that? Impressive! I thought for sure that it was based on an already existing resin model of some sort, because it is soooo nice. Great job!


Thanks guys!

I had a blast making it. It’s now the biggest model I own! He’s quite a beast.

I tried to combine concepts from the art in Monstrous Arcanum with that of the art in Tamurkhan. I am pretty happy with how it came out, though the lava could use some better highlighting! I sort of ran low on time. Heh.

Glad you guys like it.


Look awesome! I didn`t understand the size of the thing before I saw the WIP pictures with the base, Holy Hashut :slight_smile: It IS a beast!


I love it! THe WIP pics are extremely interesting. Would you post a pic of size comparison with another model of yours?


Thanks for sharing those WIPs, even if I don`t think I would like to try that project!

Respect!:hat off

Ghrask Dragh:

Wow, much kudos my friend, thus was another one of my favs but I had no idea it wa scratch built. So much more impressed now.

Great seeing the wip, really nice sculpting, I like the front on view with the dripping lava



It is AWESOME! A great example of how very simplistic sculpting can make a great model.

If you are looking for suggestions for improvement, I would personally have gone for reverse highlighting on the fire/lava for a more realistic effect. Also, the eyes and nostrills could use some glow to make it look burning within.

And the base doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of your army which could pose a consistency issue.

Otherwise great work. I actually voted for it at the Golden Hat Competition :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone!

Bah, my brother was right, then, I should have had a WIP pic in my entry! I thought everyone would know it was scratch built! :frowning:

I’ll definitely take a size comparison shot.


Thanks! It is pretty simple sculpting, I focused on general shapes and basically sculpted the main body in one go. The head was a little more involved, but turned out alright.

The painting is fairly lacklustre. I didn’t have enough time (or the correct paints) to really bring the lava to life. I had intended to have the eyes glow, yes.

My existing army is more or less complete, and it’s really a Ravening Hordes army. This Destroyer would be for a LoA army, which I might start building slowly, over time through contests and things.

Thanks for the vote and the kudos!


Great entry Xander… one of the best!!