[Archive] Xander's Selling his old Big Hat Chaos Dwarfs


So I have had these guys sitting around for quite a while.  I have used the odd hat here and there, but I don’t think I will ever use what is left.

Here’s a summary of what I have:

Lords and Heroes:
(sold) 1x Chaos Dwarf Lord
(sold) 1x Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (Missing face and arm)

7x Chaos Dwarf Warriors (Plastic)
(sold) 2x Chaos Dwarf Warriors (Metal)
3x Command (Missing face/hats on some)
6x Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowlers

(donated to GH15) 1x Death Rocket with 2 Crewman

(sold) 6x Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur Torsos

I have no idea what the going rates for these guys would be, but I am willing to sell these to a good home at a fair price.

Anyone know a decent price point for me to set here?  I’d like to get rid of it all in one go, if possible.

[attachment=2632] [attachment=2631] [attachment=2633]


I’m interested in the lord and the two metal warriors.

edit: (If you decide to break it up into parts)


I put an option on the plastic warriors and bull centaurs,PM me for the price.


I’m interested in the blood bowlers (obviously) pm me :slight_smile:


Given the varied interest, maybe I will split it up! PMs forthcoming.