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Bad Gram Northern:

[align=left]Hello folks,

Allthough I’ve been a fan of chaos dwarfs for over a decade I never got down to collecting them. However 2013 will be my year of the Chaos Dwarf. I’m gonna build an army based on the LoA list from Tamurkhan. I’d Love to do an all Big Hats army but due to budget restrainsts I simply cannot afford that. I’m slowly trying to pick up some big hats at reasonable prices here and there but in the meantime I’m gonna stick to low cost alternatives.

So far I’ve purchased Mantic Goblin archers (at �,�0,5 p/m) and Mantic halfbreeds for Bull Centaurs.

I’ll propably use Titan wargames dwarfs as ironsworn and/or infernal guard though I’m contemplating using AoW iron shields as infernal guards.

Update: since writing this Russian Alternative has released the lovely Chaos Dwarfs sculpted by Rozmax and I’ve decided to go for them because of the big hats :slight_smile:

at �,�5 per model these babys are going to be my fireborn:


I’m sorry for the lack of pictures. but this project will start in februari.

any ideas, feedback,… please feel free to comment[/align]

Update 8/04/2014: So 2013 didn’t turn out to be the Year of the Chaos Dwarf as expected but I am slowly building my army and 2014 might be the year:sick I have since abandoned my idea of going low-cost and decided that my first priority is to make an army that looks good. Since this is my third army this is mainly a fun hobby project and I’ll try to convert and scratchbuild as much as I can. This will propably slow things down but hey I got time :cheers

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



I was thinking about them as well, worried that they might be a bit too small though…

Kera foehunter:

Well i wish you luck on you 2013 challenge…

Bad Gram Northern:

I was thinking about them as well, worried that they might be a bit too small though...

hmm, I fear you might be right. I didn't bother to look at their measurements before :s they do seem a little small. thanks for pointing that out. Now I'm torn between ordering them anyway and sculpting some extra height on them or completly scultp them out of scratch. I was planning to scultp some armour on them anyway


IMO having only T4 and W2 they dont need to be that big, and I wouldnt have any problems with them beeing 28mm or there about. A matter of taste I guess…


Wouldn’t these guys be about the same size as your bloodletter-k’daai, Tjub?


Wouldn't these guys be about the same size as your bloodletter-k'daai, Tjub?

There about I guess, havent seen any size comparison.

Bad Gram Northern:

I made a mock up of how I plan to make a Lammasu (see attachment)

I’ll propably stick to that colour sheme to.

Only difference is that I’ll use the raging heroes Shedu head


If I’m not mistaken, Xander did a conversion like that not too long ago. It might’ve been someone else doing it though…
Come to think of it, I remember seeing a conversion with those parts on Warseer too. It was posed to climb over some rocks iirc. I think inspired by the Raging Heroes Shedu’s pose.

A quick google found me the one I had seen on Warseer: link This one apparently uses the Manticore kit.

Edit: and here’s Xander’s version.

Bad Gram Northern:

thanks for the links JMR! those are inspirational!

I’m not a big fan of the warseer pose but it’s inspirational none the less!

Bad Gram Northern:

Hello folks, I got started in earnest on my chaos dwarf project

So this is what I got so far:

40 mantic goblins (10 assembled so far)

10 mantic halfbreeds (6 assembled so far)

a handfull of chaos dwarfs

and two of those cheap Russian cannons.

A friend also gave me his O&G bitsbox include around 50 goblins, including pieces to make 5 wolf riders (without wolf) so I’ve got enough goblins for now :slight_smile:

enough off the boring stuff, here’s the intersting bit: my Lamassu conversion:

I used the body of the GW Chimerae with the Raging heroes Shedu’s head.

The fun part about using the chimerae is that you get three spare heads! I’ve magnetised the heads so I can also use it as…

a manticore:

and even a Griffin

and as soon as I get my hands on a taurus or minotaur head I can use it as a great taurus as well!

Since I have both an Empire and WoC army I can make maximum use of my Manticore/griffin/tarus/lamassu :expressionless:

I just don’t know how to paint it. Should I stick to my original idea (see attachement in a previous post) or some natural fur/animal colour? Or should I paint him taurus red? all thoughts and comments are heartily welcomed:hat off


You got a god start there, and the Lammasu looks great


Personally I would say that blue would be harder to do well on the skin compared to doing it mostly black with red wings etc.

Maybe black highlighted with brown or red for the skin and black highlighted to grey for the beard etc.

I like the griffon with dreadlocks! :slight_smile:


Looks like a good start, really liking the green stuff work you did on your ChiLamaFin :slight_smile:

Quick question: How are you finding the Mantic goblins? Have considered them myself, but have found some of the other Mantic stuff being rather underwhelming…

Bad Gram Northern:

@ Soulassassin: I was quite dissapointed in the those goblins. The details and quality are all quite good but frankly I don’t see why they make multipart models when they lack so much variety, they all look the same! also the mold lines are quite horrible and the place where they connect the piece with the plastic sprue is not chosen well. Usually right on the forehead or the fingers etc.

Meh I got these at even half of mantic official price so they are dirt cheap but I did expect more off them. They aren’t bad but don’t hold to high expectations. You get what you pay for

Last night I got an idea, what if I paint it like an albino? it would make it easier to sell as a griffin. What do you think about an Albino lamassu? is it possible? and what colour should the hair be?

Bad Gram Northern:

well, progress is slow. that’s mainly due to university and the club campaign (we’re running Blood in the Badlands) for which I’ve set myself the goal to finish every empire model that I use in that campaign before the end of it.

back to CD’s: here’s a test piece for my artillery. I’m not entirely convinced on the colour sheme. any thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated! It’s completly painted with only Chaos black, tin bitz, brazen brass, and boltgun metal mix (and black wash). I think I did good using different mixes for the different parts. the wheels are a bit darker and with more boltgun metal, the barrel has more brazen brass,… so it looks like different alloys according to the strain they endure. any thoughts?

cheers!:hat off

Bad Gram Northern:

well 2013 didn’t turn out to be the chaos dwarf year as i had planned. Mainly due to real life and because i entered into a clubcampaign with my empire army so I wanted to finish those first.

But thanks to Rozmax and the Russian Alternative webstore I did assemble most of an army.

Tonight I’ll have my first battle against my buddy’s high elves. We’re both playing our respective armies for the first time tonight so we’ll see how it goes. Below is my 1700 points army of Dawi Zharr

none of it is painted yet so I won’t bother you with unpainted metal, save for this pic of the fireglaives with converted command group

that’s all for now! let’s hope that tonight I have Hashut’s blessing by my side!


Love the Russian A models, now get some paint on them:)


I agree with Yodrin. Promising host of curlybeards!


Really nice conventions here! You now, soon RA will release the new command group. Wery similar to yours. And some limited sorcer. Both of them sculpted by Yellow one.


I now the site in Russian, but look at the pictures.