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As I hear the collective groan reverberate around the forum please accept my apologies if this has been asked/answered before or is just dumb.

Does the blazing body -1 to wound rule refer to shooting attacks or just close combat attacks? - reason I ask is because the preceding sentence relates to base to base.



The Faq and rules in the book state that all non-magical attacks suffer -1 S… that includes shooting as well.


Thanks for the response and I couldn�?Tt be happier. I still think that I’m going to have to argue it with my opponents every time though.

The Faq and rules in the book state that all non-magical attacks suffer -1 S… that includes shooting as well.


Thommy H:

The base-to-base thing clearly only refers to the automatic hits. The -1 To Wound is a totally different part of the rule. There’s no ambiguity.

richard barby:

maybe it needed a bigger fullstop.

but to quote this part of the errata would this mean andything that hits a streangth 4 or below cant hurt the distroyer

as i read it this overrules the always wound on a 6.

Q. The K’daai Destroyer and Bale Taurus have the Blazing Body special rule.

Are they always wounded on a roll of 6?

A. No. as stated all non-Magical attacks suffer a -1 To Wound penalty against the K�?Tdaai and the Bale Taurus.

Hashut’s Blessing:

The questions and answrs overrides it, the effect is against anything that rolls to wound and your opponents can argue all they like, but the PDF from Warhammer Forge is clear and overrules them.

richard barby:

thats how i have seen as well works there are so many really good units that cant hurt it

i had it against a bret bus after they got there charge off they where stuck till the distroyer killed them all

im glad its not just my who reads it that way as its quite a contentuios rule


:slight_smile: we’ll see. In my defence the ambiguity is introduced by the word “additionally” and the phrase “in addition” in the TOC rules for K’daai/taurus which connect the -1 To Wound penalty to the preceding sentences and this was what both my opponents picked up on. I am happy that the FAQ has overruled this. Still didn’t stop my poor misunderstood destroyer get skinked to death by poison blowpipes…whoever said “skinks for the win!” cheers for that! :slight_smile:

thanks again

richard barby:

that hole poison shooting thing can ruin a good day