[Archive] You guys really should start playing


Guy’s common I know some of you signed up as orcs but you really should start fighting I mean common I’m doing better and heres my proof.

Edit:ok I’m to stupid to post a link so go to the��Canadian nemises crown website under orc week1 and scroll down till you see stunty smasha.Ya theres my proof.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ve been fighting as much as possible… Posting as Hashut’s Blessing, he’s head of the army “Chaos Dwarfs of the Blessed 1” (I needed just 2[!] more characters to fit the word one in instead of 1)…


When last I checked there were 8 players with obliviously Chaos Dwarf army names worldwide, including myself and Hashut’s Blessing.

I’ve registered two battles, but more are forthcoming.

EDIT: Oh, and I’m “Overlord Zharkon Revlid”, leading the “Dawi Zharr Expeditionary Force”

Uzkul Werit:

I’m Uzkul Werit, leading the Garrison of Gash Kadrak with one win against the Empire under our belt!


I’ve noticed something interesting. I’ve come across 2 people that had ordinary sounding names, but are actually Chaos Dwarfs registered as Dwarfs!

I’ll need to have a look at HoC and maybe even Ogres as well.


registered as dwarfs :0 wow, thats extremist :slight_smile:

im registered as Zhathrak Chaos Dwarf General and my army is the Enginners of Zharr Naggrund, but im not on the ladder yet as i still havnt had a chance for a game :~

Lepreh Khan:

General: Lepreh Khan

Army: Hashut’s Fury (Chaos Dwarves)

That’s how my entry goes. I’m fighting in the Talabec Borders. I’ve only been able to play 3 games so far, lost the first by a marginal loss, but I’ve scored 2 massacres on the last 2 games. :slight_smile:

Oh, and the Headless Badger is mine at my club, lol.

-Lepreh Khan

Traitor King:

Lord Zhardot the Cursed, General of “Hastuts’ Cursed” (Ive got some good army fluff lined up :))

Ive only played one game so far. I won :slight_smile:

Will register it now.

Happy now?


Yes I’m pleased it shows that only 8 of us are playing games wow I at least expected like 100 people to participate.


well, i’m with chaos since i registered in the store before i found out the plans to join orcs, so when i went on the website i used my chaos general instead, pognernt, and his allies the dawi zharr who are mentioned in my fluff