[Archive] you know i at least deserve 1 response. [locked on request]


  • NOTE: If you are not willing to read this whole post, then please don’t bother responding -

    OK, please don’t get all pissed that I opened up a new topic to seemingly continue the locked conversation, but I definitely deserve to at least say something in my defense.

    I’m totally cool with the idea that most people don’t want politics and what-not real life issues on this forum. If that’s the case, than I completely respect your wishes. Why the hell would I want to annoy you?

    The thing is… Chaos Dwarfs Online has an “off topic” section. Are we really incapable of having civil discussions about serious matters? If you disagree with something that is posted then just don’t respond. If you do respond, then I don’t really see how you can claim to be bothered by it… as you took the time to further it!

    People disagree, that’s nature. Share your opinion, I’ll share mine… opinions change, sometimes they don’t, but the only way they do is by staying calm, rational, and logical about it, when responding. It hurts your argument to start calling people names or assume you know who they are as a person from a few posts, all because you decided to get offended by them.

    As far as my complaint about the moderator over there… I told you my only point in bringing that up was to show that moderator privileges can be used to censor things, thrown in the last word, hurt people’s feelings, whatever, you name it… I thought it was relevant to a post I had made only a little while back about not locking threads just becuz you disagree (I am not saying anyone did/does that over here. I’m just saying it sucks when people do).  Also, some are saying I should take it up with the daemonic legion forum? I don’t really feel the need to take it up with anyone… but even if I did, I couldn’t… I’m banned remember :stuck_out_tongue:

    Now… Servius is so so so so EXTREMELY far off from knowing who I am as a person, and my intentions and purpose for being in these online communities.

    He’s completely off his rocker if he thinks for a second that I am intentionally trying to spark anyone’s fire. That’s not me, and never has been. I do not enjoy negative or heated altercations, that’s why I try and keep them as clean and friendly as possible (As you’ll see, I cannot say the same for Servius… and that’s a bit ironic to say the least).
    Im sure there are much better places than here, mainly because Im rather sure you wont turn anybodys opinions with a post here

    That may be true but maybe I was never trying to change anyone’s mind in the first place. All I’ve ever done was express my own personal opinions and beliefs, while expecting to hear yours in return… to consider them, learn from them, and debate them. That is how we grow as people. It is the art and essence of learning and conversation.

    Sometimes I agree, sometimes you guys change my mind, good points are made on BOTH sides… Just because you/someone doesn’t agree doesn’t make either one of us right OR wrong. Why does everything have to be reduced to such simple absolute terms?

    You’ll notice I’ve never once in any post I’ve made in any warhammer forum, ever proclaimed myself to be “right”. I merely made statements and provided my reasoning for it… If someone disagrees they tell me why… I then directly respond to them with my thoughts on their stance/ideas… How is this trolling or stubborn behavior?
    I would class the following as delicate topics best limited on CDO and therefore not appropiate. Religion Politics Economics Criminality

    reminds me of that old classic saying:  

    “never discuss politics or religion at the warhammer table” :wink:
    Their forum, their rules, you either except them or you don’t.


    But I never broke their rules. Banning someone for having civil discussions (that everyone who participated seemed to think was worth having, and keeping civil… minus 1 apparently ‘sickened’ person and a power tripping mod)… was completely out of line and pretty much completely absurd.

    Servius proclaimed I should be shot for my viewpoints and beliefs… I asked that he please don’t talk like that while we’re trying to have a friendly and intelligent discussion… and I turn out banned? See the absurdity?
    Che, you must know that you take your topics way too far!

    I really don’t see that. If someone responds with their thoughts on something I’ve said, I think they deserve to have their thoughts considered and discussed. If someone makes a personal insult, I point it out and say shame on you for that… If I feel like moderation is being used as a way to quash discussion (that hasn’t descended into personal insults) and as a way of saying “you’re wrong and i’m right, end of story, and by the way shut up.”  I’ll call it out… If I’m wrong about it, or have gotten the wrong impression. Isn’t everyone free to tell me just that?

    I am really just struggling hard to find anything outrageous about trying to figure out how a rule was intended to be played… suggesting to change government policy in order to lower crime, disease, death, poverty, and the prison population… and pointing out nefarious and often illegal activities that my own home country’s federal government is engaged in… I don’t see why any of these things can’t be discussed in a friendly manner. Why have an off-topic section at all, if things like that are generally discouraged. It’s like “Discuss anything on your mind in this section with your chaos dwarf online friends in here! … but don’t talk about anything other than chaos dwarfs?” bu-whaa???   … well it is!
    You complain about Free Speech everywhere you go.

    I would never complain about free speech. I only expect that generally within reason, people adhere to that kind of philosophy on a friendly open forum… Aren’t you the guy who just said…
    I am not a fan of deleting threads, or locking them.

    I hate censorship.  If there is a real need for members to discuss this, they are welcome to it, in my view.

    Our forum image should be a welcoming one yes, but not a censoring one.

    Those literally sum up everything and anything I’ve ever said about free speech, within the context of an online warhammer forum. I’d say we’re on the same page.
    But don’t engage in a trolling war.  Just giving the last word on something doesn’t make you win.  If you can’t convince people with your arguments, move on.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I express my viewpoints, and defend them when they are argued, as anyone would. I give people the response they are entitled to. What’s the point in posting anything if you don’t want or expect a response?  When has anyone ever said in life “Lemme talk to you, but don’t respond to me AT ALL, even when I’m finished. Just don’t. I don’t care if you disagree, or have something interesting to share about it. Just… move along…” … I’ve never heard it.

    and this whole concept of me somehow trolling…

    the wikipedia definition of trolling is to post something “with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion”

    I’ve never done either one. I’m not responsible for another members level of emotion within their response, and I assure you I’ve never intentionally tried to make someone get emotional. I’ve also never disrupted an on-topic discussion. I’ve only discussed what was being discussed… that was it.

    I think we should all be a little more careful when dishing out this label of a “troll”, as that in itself is obviously name-calling. Whether or not someone is a troll is entirely based on what their intention was when posting something. I have no desire to provoke anyone or piss off anyone or upset anyone, or make anyone physically ill… I’m really baffled at how anyone could take someone’s well-intentioned thoughts and ideas so out of context and to such a violent extreme, that they would make themselves physically ill… I really hope that kind of behavior is extremely rare, as it doesn’t sound very healthy.
    But don’t beat a dead horse over and over again

    If someone disagrees with something I’ve said… especially when it is because they assume I’m attempting to incite or do something that I never would (like the whole rules-lawyer thing)… I’ll do what I can to show them my thoughts from another perspective… I might clarify something… or try to show where I’m coming from… There’s no beating going on there. I respond, nothing more. If all I was doing was repeating myself, I would shut up.
    On a couple of boards I’m on they have Off-Topic discussion areas where nearly anything goes (heck one even allows swearing.) I’ve been in long discussions about politics, the US Constitution, The 2nd Amendment, Legalized Drugs, Etc on these boards and the admins never even considered banning anyone. They believed that it was properly put in an area that was for use of topics not acceptable in any other part of the site. But the admins on those sites are well know supporters of freedom of speach.

    It sounds like the one that banned you was on a power trip.

    Couldn’t agree more. Well put :hat off
    Part of the reason we can get along easily as when you’re in person it is easier to register the mood and intent of statements and therefore easier to understand it’s a friendly little discussion. The internet makes this much harder.

    That is an excellent point. This why we should all be careful with our assumptions on character, intention, and zeal.
    creating threads just to debate isn’t so understandable for me… unless there’s a sub-forum dedicated to debates. If there is such a sub-forum by all means go for it. Otherwise it comes across as being a rabble rouser, regardless if that is true or not… that is the perception.

    well it is an off-topic forum… that’s usually a kind of anything goes zone for discussion… a debate is nothing more than a discussion that considers multiple conflicting viewpoints in attempt to establish a kind of unity or greater understanding… sometimes it’s just fun to talk… a debate doesn’t have to become this giant polarizing battle that some make it out to be. The discussions don’t start as debate. They usually begin with a question or idea and then take off from there…
    You know I put a long post about why i thought you got banned and your misperceived “rights” on the internet…

    Sounds kinda trolly to be honest. From what you’ve said, you actually appealed to the moderators of the forum in hopes that I would be removed for your comfort. Hopefully I’m not the only person who sees the immense ammount of rudeness, judgment, selfishness, and hate that fueled such a plea for someone’s removal.

    That’s not even trolling… that’s just messed up… and sad for me :frowning:

    It’s a shame that other members of the daemon gamer community won’t be able to see my creatively modeled and original armies now because you and 1 other person have that much hatred inside of you.  I feel bad for them and I hope to god that kind of thing never happens here on CDO.
    talking about how much you hate the government and the majority view

    I never said I hate the government, not even once. I posted some links to articles that show reason to question what the US government is doing… if you’ve assumed that means I’m upset at some of the things they are doing you’d be generally right. However you got lucky with your assumption that time. The rest of your assumptions are so far off they venture into the territory of paranoid and hateful delusions.
    All I can say is this. If I start seeing those political/social charged conversations on CDO like you were doing at Daemonic Legion… I’m gone. Same as I did with Daemonic Legion.

    Are you making ultimatums now? I really couldn’t care less whether you leave or not all because you couldn’t handle hearing people express their opinions… that is your right. Don’t expect us to care or fight for you to stay. You are completely over-reacting, and acting like it is other people’s faults or the responsibility of the forums.

    You told me I should be shot (not the greatest thing for someone like me, who actually HAS been shot, to hear), and called me an assortment of insults and names, but you don’t see me getting ill, and i’m still here. No one can hurt you online except yourself. Don’t work yourself up into a position where you can get hurt.
    but you were pending a suspension either way for the rude comment Happy so you don’t think some crazy injustice was done to you… You deserved your ban.


    This is the most delusional part yet… We’re talking about the guy who called for my assassination over an opinion… yet somehow I deserved to be banned???

    It would be IMPOSSIBLE for you to find even one moment of rudeness on my behalf. This so-called “rude comment” you are imagining does not exist. It is YOU that everyone jumped on for being out-of-line and saying ugly things. So what gives you the will to fabricate such a story?

    Here is a “pleasant” and “tolerant” (as “Zanko” calls him) comment made by Servius (with a Chaos Dwarf avatar no less! :wink: ) on that thread:

    “Your an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to exist. You are a vile creature from the depths of the earth expelled to bring Stupidity to the masses.” - Servius

    “I pity you, you are a very sad and decrepit person from my viewpoint then.” - Servius

    All that was also preceded by him calling my thoughts “idiotic banter”

    and this was my “ignorant and intolerant” (as “Zanko” calls me) response after Servius was scolded by several forum members for his behavior:

    “I’d like to thank Pedro and Finnigan for rescuing our conversation and making sure it doesn’t get reduced to ugliness and insults. We all lose when that happens. I am actually extremely thankful that you guys have maintained interest in discussing and debating this issue and have desire to keep it friendly. That is really awesome. Thank you!” - CheTralfara

    WOW! that is such a rude thing for me to say!
    Talk about legalizing drugs in a fourm that’s pretty much designed for kids and young teens isn’t a Kool place for such conversations.

    Tarrakk Blackhand
    Well my point of view on the legalization of drugs is coming from a place where addiction would receive better treatment… There would be dramatically better and effective drug education… An extreme reduction in crime (including NO MORE drug-dealing kids and teens… which is the NORM in cities)… and where safer and responsible use of drugs would replace most abuse and overdose…

    Considering those beneficial factors on society and youth, I hardly see how any of that causes harm to children and teens. A teen who is well-educated on the subject could do a lot to voice the danger that today’s drug policies have on the safety of children from the effects of drugs… to voice these dangers to their parents who have been brainwashed for decades into believing in a massive failure/flop/total disaster of a policy.

    Also remember… This is a forum for Warhammer Fantasy Battles, not Warhammer 40k. Warhammer FB is mostly young adults and older. I’ve only seen one person under the age of 20 playing warhammer at my local games store. But when it comes to 40k, they are almost ALL under 20.

    I also think it’s worth mentioning that, the reason the majority of drug dealers in the city are children and young teens is because of the way city drug laws have been crafted. City drug laws have caused the awful unintended consequence of providing a huge incentive for high-level drug dealers/suppliers to hire out young children/teens as street-level drug dealers. These incentives include lesser “sentences” on children for dealing and possession. This often creates scenarios like where a child dealer will get picked up off the street by a cop for dealing, and be right back selling on that street corner later that night (or the very next morning). The high-end dealers often supply illegal guns to these kids, as normal legal outlets cannot be used to handle illegal drug business disputes… so instead they are left with violence and murder as a way of running the business. Lesser “sentences” also mean less chance that the ‘pinched’ dealer will snitch/tell on the high-end dealer/supplier.  

    In conclusion, if you open the thread on the daemonic legion up again and refresh, you’ll notice that the same mod temporarily re-opened the topic so that he could continue to spout whatever statements without any response or rebuttals. That kind of behavior says it all.

    - It shows that the conversation was obviously going places (if it wasn’t, that mod wouldn’t have more links to post and things to say on the matter)

    - it also proves that he just wanted to stop me from defending my position, as the mod can now share any “information” without me being able to respond and review it.

    - it also proves that he didn’t actually ban me for making any “controversial conversation” or else he wouldn’t be CONTINUING that very conversation!!

    - it also shows how he hasn’t read nearly anything that was already said, or else he wouldn’t be wasting his time repeating the same information (as I’ve already covered the details of every concern in his little linkies at the end). just makes himself look bad.

    The hypocrisy and backwardzness within the whole act of banning me and closing that thread is STAGGERING.



Che: I don’t think the staff or community here want CDO becoming a platform to complain and criticize another community… be it the Demonic Legion or whatever. That’s not the reputation we want. It’s one thing to say “Hey, I was banned that sucks”… but to turn around and try to rally some sort of movement is different. That creates conflict. That will kill this community, in terms of CDO, DL, and Warhammer. Getting people up in arms and at each others throats is a very bad idea. As a moderator on another forum, I advocate respecting the choices and desires of other forums as their decisions regardless if you agree or not. It’s not our place to question them, as the CDO community. That’s for the Demonic Legion and their community to discuss.

It’s this mentality that makes people see you as a rabble-rouser.

The problem is you won’t let things go… you just can’t drop the subject. I used to be a very argumentative person, I was an egotistical nut (and I may still be)… but I’ve learned to let things go. There are more important things in my life then this drivel. There really is, and I’m sure the same is true for you. Live your life man, just because a lot of people disagree isn’t an attack on you… nor does it mean people think you’re dumb.

There’s a difference between “off topic” and “anything goes”. There are forums with a debate section, which is the appropriate place.

The argument “if you don’t like the subject then don’t participate” isn’t a valid one when you keep bringing it up so it is in people’s faces. It is a lot harder for them to ignore, even if it simply means not clicking on the subject. If you left the subject to fall behind in the depths of the pages of threads… people would be fine with that argument. However this is not the case here.

I don’t care what the target bracket of ages is for Fantasy. Forums are generally targeted to be be PG or PG-13… as that is the accepted standard. As we want to grow as a community and as a hobby. In order to do so, we must make our community appeal to not 13 year olds… but their parents who are (hopefully) monitoring what they do. We can’t assume what maturity level people are, we have to set the standard of what we want.

Honestly, let these things go Che… bringing them up constantly is going to seriously alienate people.


Ok Che…

Me saying that I posted a large post about the Rights of the Internet or the lack there of and my opinion and thoughts on why you got banned at Daemonic Legion… That’s Trolling? Really?

Censoring… as you put it… You don’t Own this site. Xander does. The internet isn’t subject to the bill of rights. Its property. You pay for your ability to access it. thats it. If the Owners of a board OR their rightful representatives say no… It means no. What’s difficult about this subject… Your freedom of speech right is lost the SECOND you go on the internet. So in essence… You arent being Censored. Your being asked to stop. and you refuse so you get banned… its a rather simple concept. Even so… Locking a post is simply saying hey… the conversation is dead… leave it alone. If it was deleted… it would be censoring it… as your opinion is quite clear to see in the Locked post. And still able to be read.

As far as Daemonic Legion… You were Pending Suspension for your constant rants beyond the point of being a discussion. You took your opinion and kept shoveling it into everyone’s mouth. You have some odd impression that if you can drown someone in your swill you win… In my case you do… Your discussions aren’t discussion… Your constant repeating of your opinion and the way you get increasingly hostile with you position goes more towards you making a Speech or giving dictation. You REFUSE to accept the point that people have different views and you just keep on rolling.

Voicing my opinion in the manner of that insult that you are so keen on posting, in the way I did in public… Was wrong… Does that change the fact that it is my opinion of you… No. I should have sent it in a Private message. I got a little out of hand. I will state that I don’t know you in person. I can only make my opinion of you based on what I know… Saying or implying that your a good person in person… is like me telling you My name is Emmett Brown and that I invented a Time Machine using a Delorean and Plutonium that I got from some Libyan Nationalists. Based on the overwhelming majority of the posts of yours I have read… That’s my opinion of you… Sorry. I would assume you have a similar one of me.

As far as another point I made… You make me sick with your posts… I haven’t eaten all day. My wife just brought home food for me for dinner… It smells great… But after reading your crap again I cant eat. My stomach is tight and is ready to vomit.

As far as ultimatum? no. It’s a simple statement of fact. Bye.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Sorry Che, this post is in “off topic” and doesn’t count towards my post count total, so I have no reply to your mis-interpretation of my previous post.

Besides, I’m not one for “petty squabbles” in open fourms. It doesn’t turn me on to piss people off, especially people I consider friends and people I’m trying to make friends with.


It's one thing to say "Hey, I was banned that sucks"... but to turn around and try to rally some sort of movement is different.

Dude, that's exactly what I did, I have no idea what the heck this movement thing you think I'm trying to create is... Is it just me or is everything I say exaggerated 10 fold by people who read it?
It's not our place to question them, as the CDO community.
I never asked for anyone to judge or question anyone. Your taking the entire post out of context. If you re-read it you'll see the whole point was to hopefully share the thread (the reasonable intelligent debate part, rather than the servius whining and making death threats part). The conversation that we were having over there, in context of the scope of the problems that were discussed, was too relevant and important to just trash and not share with anyone who might care. It may not be so for everyone, but it really is THAT easy, to ignore something if you don't agree or don't like what you see.
It's this mentality that makes people see you as a rabble-rouser.

I don't have that mentality even slightly, so I'm not sure I can relate to any of that.
The problem is you won't let things go... you just can't drop the subject.

If people respond to something, they deserve and are entitled to a response. If there is something new to share on the subject, then it's worth sharing. For the first time I'll repeat myself for your benefit and tell you that "If all I was doing was repeating myself, I would shut up."
There are forums with a debate section, which is the appropriate place.
Hey, if debates are not wanted in the off-topic section, then I can respect that... However, wouldn't that mean any topic about Hats should be reserved and only posted in the Hat section... or any off-topic about Music or a band you like be posted in the Music section? ... you see where I'm going with this? You can make that argument about anything and there is no debate section... nor any rules saying "Don't Debate Here!".
just because a lot of people disagree isn't an attack on you...
I've never said anything like that. But telling me that I should be killed is an attack, in fact, there are laws in some places against things like that... death threats are a rather serious attack (but let's definitely NOT get into whether it was a real death threat or not)... but yeah we established that. Can't we all just chill and stop assuming what I am thinking? It seems like 90% of what I defend myself against are things I never said, thought, or did.
when you keep bringing it up so it is in people's faces. It is a lot harder for them to ignore
You and I both know I never did anything of the sort. You don't have to read anything I write. And I'm not opening up multiple subjects on anything I write. I made this thread because there were about 20 responses all directed at me, that I never got to respond to... some of them being downright lies about me having made a "rude comment"... blah blah blah... once again, defending myself about something I haven't done.

I'm not on some mission to make people think like me or agree with me about anything. If that were the case, wouldn't you think I'd be promoting the music I create instead of writing about something dispel dice?  I never rubbed anything in anyone's face. It really is easy as not reading it or ignoring it. It really really is.
Forums are generally targeted to be be PG or PG-13

You could easily put everything I've ever said in either moving rating category. Maybe not the Servius quotes... but my own words... definitely. yes. so what's the problem here?
In order to do so, we must make our community appeal to not 13 year olds... but their parents who are (hopefully) monitoring what they do.

Maybe I'm completely alone here but, when posting, I don't really consider the thoughts of some 13 year old's parent who is reading the forums he frequents... I don't see the need or point... Now if that 13 year old's parent is a chaos dwarf fan/player and frequents the site for the same reason as everyone else... we're in business. Once again, I'm not sure this has anything to do with anything I've ever posted.
Me saying that I posted a large post about the Rights of the Internet or the lack there of and my opinion and thoughts on why you got banned at Daemonic Legion.... That's Trolling? Really?

You posting a large post about someone who is not there to defend themself after they got banned for having an intelligent and reasonable conversation, that you interrupted with death threats and spammed the mods/admin with complaints about someone who's done NOTHING to you... then having the nerve to claim to have a say in the matter... as if I somehow deserved to be banned? to sit back and claim to have some kind of authority on what I should or shouldn't be talking about with people who actually wanted to hear it (otherwise finnigan and pedro wouldn't have tried to make an effort to keep the conversation going intellectually and calmly and without your death threats and insults)....

Yes, Doing that I would say has got to be the supreme trollage of troll kingdom. You'd need an army of gruff billy goats to cross the bridge that that kind of trolling would build.
As far as Daemonic Legion.. You were Pending Suspension for your constant rants beyond the point of being a discussion. You took your opinion and kept shoveling it into everyone's mouth. You have some odd impression that if you can drown someone in your swill you win.. In my case you do.. Your discussions aren't discussion.. Your constant repeating of your opinion and the way you get increasingly hostile with you position goes more towards you making a Speech or giving dictation. You REFUSE to accept the point that people have different views and you just keep on rolling.
Everything in the above quote is a delusional fantasy... Anyone who reads what I've ever posted or has been paying attention, knows none of that is true. I've never been hostile. I've never repeated my opinion without providing it in a new way, or with new information, and I've never responded or talked with someone who didn't want a response (that includes you. If you don't want a response, then stop responding to me.)

If you really honestly wanted to prove to me or anyone else that there was any validity to these outrageous claims and the fabricated lies you are posting, then you would back it up with a quote. Alas, you can't because they are but a myth. You really should stop trolling and trying to start a fight with someone who has done nothing to you.
Saying or implying that your a good person in person.. is like me telling you My name is Emmett Brown and that I invented a Time Machine using a Delorean and Plutonium that I got from some Libyan Nationalists.
No, it would be like you telling someone that 'this guy' that you don't know, obviously don't understand, and have never met in your entire life, 'is a good person'.

This sickness that you get from reading my posts is a symptom/sign of very serious mental trauma/disorder that you might wanna get checked out. You should really see a doctor instead of self-diagnosing it as the result of reading text on a computer screen. Ask the doctor about the paranoid delusions too. I'm serious, I'm worried about you. Remember, I do not hate you. I've done NOTHING to you. You are the one who has some kind of disproportionate, unhealthy, and unwarranted hatred for someone who doesn't even know you (nor do you know me)... Please do yourself a favor and look into it.

There are a lot of doctors that specialize in and can offer this kind of help/treatment. No one should be missing dinner from what they read in a message board. THAT JUST IS NOT HEALTHY. Please Servius. Do it for us.

There was once a time when you posted to me "I value your opinion. I hope you can value mine.", it's a shame those feelings have fallen by the wayside for such disgust or hatred. It's sad to me that we can't co-exist on this forum like reasonable adults and respectfully disagree as anyone might and will from time to time. I really hope that we can get back to that point before things get worse for your health, and so you can enjoy your time at Chaos Dwarfs Online as much as me and everyone else. I still value your opinion and always have whether you can see that or not. Otherwise I wouldn't waste anytime responding to you.


Tarrakk, this is all you said to me:

As for Che…yeah, certain things shouldn’t be discussed on fourms such as these. Talk about legalizing drugs in a fourm that’s pretty much designed for kids and young teens isn’t a Kool place for such conversations. That’s not what we’re about.

Tarrakk Blackhand
You said that talking about legalizing drugs in a forum that’s designed for kids and young teens isn’t kool.

While I don’t agree or disagree with whether it’s “kool” or not, it seems you are implying that legalizing drugs or even mentioning drugs in general around children or teens is a bad or dangerous thing.

If that’s what you are implying, I already gave you my response, and I disagree. We can easily agree to disagree. There’s no hostility or anger there. How is it that you think I mis-interpreted that statement? There’s nothing really there to misunderstand.

But you are definitely mis-interpreting me if you think I’m out to piss anyone off. Why would I even have to say that??

I really do wonder though, if anyone who wants me to stop talking about any certain topic ever realizes that the only conversation I am continuing with, are direct responses to questions and concerns those people are posting… If they really wanted me to shut up, wouldn’t it make sense to do the same themselves?  To just not post in the thread at all would be the quickest way for that subject to end and be lost in the tides of our minds & and the annals of the internet…


okay,It is late but iam trying to understand this.

you are complaining about people complainig about you complaining about how you got banned from Daemonic legion because you were complaining abot somthing.

Seriouly there are more important things to worry about than what some people on a forum think of you and your ideas. That is why no one discusses politics and religeon on forums instead they talk about funny pix or vids, or other random games. add to conversation, start a conversation, but please stop complaining about us complaining about you complaining about you getting banned from a site cause you were complaining.


Nope, I’m not complaining about anything, rather than trying to understand why people are complaining at all, trying to stop the complaining, and trying to stop the thinking that i am complaining.

I wasn’t even complaining about me being banned from the DL, I was sharing what I thought was an informative post!

I was banned from the DL for having a conversation, “adding to conversation” and “starting a conversation”. Not complaining. Why is it so easy for people to completely misunderstand what I say?  I’m beginning to think that people just skip large chunks of what I’m writing.

Please stop assuming I am b*tching/complaining/whining about anything. It sounds more like you are complaining while posting yet another response that is adding to this line of thought that I am somehow complaining or have a problem with anyone or anything.

My point this entire time has been that we should all chill out, relax, and stop complaining about each other. You’re preaching to the choir, Wooden Pickles. So please don’t complain about me, cuz I have no complaint. Just ideas & models to share and friendly vibes for all.



... I'm beginning to think that people just skip large chunks of what I'm writing.

What would make you think that? Could it be your manner of posting perhaps?

I suggest you let this die, because all it is, is dragging the same subject matter again and again and its not doing anyone any favors.


I do not enjoy negative or heated altercations, that's why I try and keep them as clean and friendly as possible

A smarter thing to do would be to not keep raising the same issues that get heated and negative, over and over.

Even if you consider that you keep your own posts very civil, you must realise that the threads themselves do not remain that way. Please use some common sense.


CheTralfara has asked that we close this thread in the interest of keeping our CDO forum friendly.

The point has been made, and though it may not have come across in his replies, I think Che was misunderstood in his intentions.  It is all to easy to get backed into a corner and have to defend yourself, even if it’s against something which is not what you intended.

So cheers everyone… and have a pint on Che’s tab :stuck_out_tongue:


Additional comments Che wanted to make, hopefully putting this matter to an end.

I’ll post something in my own defense or merely to share some information. I never want, wish, or intend for it ever to be controversial, or anything more than a reasonable and calm discussion. In any case, I hope I haven’t caused anyone any offense, and hope that no one will hold any kind of grudge against me.

If I’m going to be misunderstood so much to the point that people think I need to be right all the time, or that I’m just here to cause trouble… Then I have no business being here.

But if there is actually something specific I am doing or saying that is making people think these things… They should PM me and let me know specifically.