[Archive] You want hats? Throw them at me ;)


Idea is this - i want to make a simple conversion kit, cast it and make it available to the general public - a sprue with 5 or 10 different big hats on it.

I need some concept pictures and such though to draw inspiration from, show me what kind of hats you would like to see, they need to be a bit different than GW ones.


I have sketches I can throw your way, but what do feel is different enough from GW hats?


You don’t need a feel, just sculpt some 40mm sized Babylonian hats with skulls on them. I don’t think GW has the copyright on Babylon.


Still - i don’t want them to look the same.

GRNDL: show me what you got, i just need some inspiration :wink:


How about this as a source of inspiration?



Floppy Hats!!! you need the floppy Persian/Babylonian/Assyrian hats those are key and amazing looking


Here’s my contribution. They’re mostly sketches from a variety of projects I’ve worked on, mostly GH entries and just messing around. There’s nothing really revolutionary about them - most of them were done just so I could get into the hang of the style of the hat, but who knows - you might find something of interest.




Why not do some masks with it as well?. I like the Hats with masks attached GRNDL. They look very foreboding!!


Thanks Scion. Although I love the Hat style, I believe Hats CAN co-exist with both Masks and Helms and I’ve been trying to find something that can appeal to all three, especially on a unit champion, hero and Lord.


As for the Big Floppy hats here is what I was thinking.

And for some reason I have always wanted to see a Chaos Dwarf in Roman Armour just like these guys just more Chaosy. Though I like the CD beards they cover the armour so you dont see much of it. And Chaos usually has very intricate designs.


Can’t see the Roman Dwarves. The floppy hat would look great on some priests and acolytes. Maybe a bit less solid and mainly material. Could you do the heads with the beards on as well? GRNDL> I think you’ve found a great compromise, when I get my CD’s that’s what I’ll get.


So how is the kit coming along?

Sounds like a fine idea ^^