[Archive] You win some, you lose some


In my attempt to rid the forum of spam sign-ups, I employed a plugin which was to remove inactive users. It seems by default it removed users who had been inactive for a certain number of days. I didn’t get a chance to specify the exact manner for which they are removed until after I activated it, at which point, it was too late. This means many many users were deleted, far more than I had hoped!

My only fix for this was to use my backed up copy, from before we returned, to restore the User table in the database. What this means is that all users who signed up since we came back online have been deleted! I am truly sorry for this, it was totally my fault, though not intended.

As a side effect, any posts made since the re-launch will not be included in your current post count.

Sorry for the blunder,




wow that sounds really bad


If they liked it here - they will comeback for sure!

And who’s counting anyway! It’s not the numbers of posts - but the quality that counts :hat

Kera foehunter:

thanks! i had a problems of signing in yesterday. i thought it was me.

this is site the best sight EVER

thanks Xander.


Bah whats a couple hundred posts among friends? :slight_smile:

And next time: backup, backup, backup! beforehand!

Thommy H:

Any idea if this might be connected to the forum telling me I have two new PMs in my inbox, only one of which is unread? Because that’s definitely not the case.


Probably left from the restore. Bear in mind it reset users accounts to the last backup. FOLLOWUP: actually that is it. I cleaned up my inbox a few days back. It said I had 17 messages, cleaned out what was not needed. It went down to 7. Now its back at 17… So just do some additional house cleaning, or redo as the case may be.


Indeed, shit happends.


I blame the elves. Tried to get rid of us new and upcoming hat-loving dwarfs… Not going to work! It will take alot more than this to get rid of proper chaos dwarfs.


ah well, i hope everyone signs back up so we can continue

afterall, whats post count worth, other than a special title


Welcome AGAIN dancehat!


Well dang, just when I hit 200 posts… But it could definitely be worse!


Top of the hat to you Willmark :hat off

Well dang, just when I hit 200 posts… But it could definitely be worse!

Yeah, you could have had been deleted :stuck_out_tongue:



Well dang, just when I hit 200 posts.....  But it could definitely be worse!

Yeah, you could have had been deleted :P


No doubt! I should edit my post: "To be read with tongue in cheek" :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

Lucky for me because I hadn’t been able to get on here for some time. Mwahahahaha! Still, accidents happen sometimes and it’s not the end of the world.



Khan! Wrote:
Well dang, just when I hit 200 posts..... But it could definitely be worse!

Yeah, you could have had been deleted
I have been deleted :~


Indeed, sorry about that!