[Archive] Your Chaos Dwarf Army Lists


I was just going through my folder of army lists when I started wondering what some of you blokes and shiela’s put into your army list and thought I would start a thread…

So what would you put into a good all round army list for 2000 point?:hat off

The one I had in my folder included whirlwind and tenderizer and they dont seem to be a part of the tiny lil list on the GW site so I will endeavor to make a new list over the next few days.


Um, maybe you wnat to check the army lists section




Heres mine

BC LORD  with armour of Gaz and hammer of Hashut

CD HERO with hvy armour , enchanted shield,sword of might

CD Sorcerer lvl 1 ,2xdispel scroll

Hobbo hero with Grt weapon hvy armour and gaunlets of Baz

24 CD warriors full command

20 CD warriors std and champion

14 blunders champion

16 naked hobbos

10 naked hobbos

10Hobgoblin wolfboyz muscian std

20 orc big uns with additional choppa

10 orc arrer boyz

2 bolt throwers

2 bolt throwers

6 BC hvy armour std

1 ES


Yep wrong section… moved… :slight_smile:


:o Ahhh damn!

Sorry, I have had CDO saved in my favourites on the main section which I have just fixed so I should not bugger up again.

I see there are so many sections to this site that I have not looked in yet I will have to go exploring for a few days.

Thankyou for your help and patience Willmark. :cheers


Do you have much trouble with that list against “magicy” armies?

Your list seems to have a nice amount of troops and fire power but not much magic protection… I am not knocking your list in anyway… just curious on how you use it against heavy magic users.



Magic heavy enemies are a pain so the hobbo hero ,wolfboyz and shooty bits have those tasks in the first few rounds with the BC lord they have to deal with any mages they can running around on there own if necessary .

Against supermage armies everything is focussed on the pesky mages:hat


Many gamers have gentlemen’s agreements to hold off the magic or other beardy excesses. Against other armies it adds balance


So attack the mages while the rest fight the hordes! Die magic users die!!

What is your opinion on the death rockets?

I noticed you dont include that.


OK my list is done, play tested against dwarfs (which I won woohoo)

and has already been modified… here is the modified one where I have droped the Earth shaker cuz it could not hit the broad side of a barn although I guess it could be usefull against a really hordey army like skaven or goblins.

I found the Bolt throwers much more affective warmachines and at 30P each and 2 per special its a bargain!

Lord on Great Taurus with the balck hammer of Hushut & Armour of the furnace


2x L2 Chaos Dwarf Mages


19x Chaos Dwarfs with GW & FC

20x Chaos Dwarfs with GW & FC


20x Chaos Dwarfs with Blunderbuss & FC


30x Hobgoblins with LA, S & FC

20x Hobgoblins with LA, S & FC


10x Hobgoblins with LA, S, Bows & FC


4x Bolt throwers


5x Bull Centaurs with HA & FC


TOTAL 1999


You army could be better.

The lord need a shield for a little more save, and you have like 80 points in great weapons for you warriors - they are not worth it you can get a hero with a great weapon for less !, no dispell scrolls ? tooled up hobgobs ? you have free special choises so take orc’s they are way better, no war banner ?


I dissagree that the GW for the warriors is not worth it, for the reason that Chaos Dwarfs have such low “I” that they are always going to strike last anyway… they might as well make there hit a good one.

I should have a couple of dispell scrolls though, I seem to have overlooked those considering this army would only generate 4 dispell dice.

I see what you mean about the orcs… I might use them for my archers.

Thanks for the tips.


I love the DR model but rarely use it unless against horde armies or over 2000pt my main opponents are Wood Elfs,Undead and Chaos .

So not horde armies the strength would be good for the Black Coach maybe :hat


Has anyone got a list with a lammasu? I was thinking of doing one up just cuz I love the lammasu its an awesome model and pretty cool in a fight too.