[Archive] Your worst defeat ever in Warhammer


Trying to think of mine.

Here’s a good story to relate and is totally true: buddy of mine once routed a bloodthirster with…,

Wait for it…,

A goblin bolt thrower crew! The gobbos passed the terror test (they were in range of the Orc general IIRC), withstood the barrage of the attacks, all ones! Then the gobbos struck back wounded it twice by some miracle, barely won the combat and forced a break test. The chaos player rolled double sixes for his break test and fled 4"… Needless to say the goblins persued and caught the daemon. We all kinda stopped and starred in disbelief at what had transpired.

You can’t but that amount of luck or flukey die rolling. That was several years ago and might not be every detail but you get the idea.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Something a little eerie there, since Bloodthristers are Unbreakable. Ya sure it wasn’t the Instability test that it fasiled and it just poofed out of existence? Still, fairly amazing to have it happen! I can’t think what my worst defeat was. They normally aren’t too bad. Unless it was when my friend designed rules for Nagash and I fielded a 2,000point Khorne mortal army against JUST Nagash. I managed one wound which he healed in combat and he wiped out my entire army. Suffice to say, it was HIGHLY unbalanced. Normally, I can cream the opponent though. With my dwarfs, I haven’t done worse than a Solid Victory and that was against my best opponent. The rest, I’ve always massacred (other than the Solid Victory, the most damage was an Organ Gun blew itself up. Otherwise, I don’t give any victory points usually!).


IIRC it was 4th edition. Let me see if I can find the email regarding it when we relayed it to another buddy a few years back. Like I said it was a while back, brb


My worst defeat was when my Skaven army got slaughtered to the last rat by a Beastmen army. Had never read the Beastmen book and didn’t realise they could ambush.

Never made that mistake again…


Something a little eerie there, since Bloodthristers are Unbreakable. Ya sure it wasn't the Instability test that it fasiled and it just poofed out of existence? Still, fairly amazing to have it happen!

Hashut's Blessing
Found it!
Damn, I was a bit off on the types and my recollection, nor is it as grand in the telling: but, I saved a bunch of emails from the games around that time. As I remember it now I wasn't there it was relayed to me in an email. I must have confused this battle with another as some of the details in my mind still don't jibe with this brief excerpt. I'll have to search, I'm willing to bet there is yet another incident of this type and I'm confusing the two :S also wasn't 4th, it was early on in 6th edition.

From Sep 2002, names withheld to protect the shamed.. :) Battle of Khorne Chaos vs. Orcs and Gobbos:

"...his exalted demon charged my rock lobber crew (3 goblins and 1 orc) and failed to wound any. My crew failed to wound him too, but since they outnumbered him the WON COMBAT. He failed his leadership test and because of demonic instability he vanished back to the nether worlds from whence he came! Ha Hhahahahah! Beaten by 3 goblins wielding rocks and a one eyed, peg-legged orc"!

Fun game methinks. Obviously a far cry from a Bloodthirster! Stands out in my mind for the fact that the Chaos player should have mopped the floor with the crew and lost! So HB you were correct it was instability coming into play.

Kera foehunter:

my dwarfs got there butts cream by a chaos army .I had mostly warriors i held up good agent the magic. then came the tHunder of his chaos knight and ran thew my guys like butter even my dice lost the leadership and roled badly. My slayer DIED from his chaos warriors my cannon blew up .And the wost of it the guy that beat me like a dog was my brother. AGUUUUG


My chaos army’s first defeat was inflicted by a lucky skaven player. You know the type - they go first, their freakish war machines don’t go wrong once and you’re out of the game by the start of your second turn. Other than that, any sore winners or cheats I’ve played piss me off utterly. Losing to a poor sportsman is terrible

Father Grumpmas:

My beasts vs a Chaos Army mainly consisting of demons.

This picture will give you an idea of how it went:

200 pts of Ogres vs 1700 pts of demons

The result :sick

The only saving grace was my general hiding in the woods and escaping and that the fellow I was playing was a nice guy who knew how to use his army very well.


My worst defeat is not that long ago. It was this sunday, to be precise…

It was one of these days, when you go on a tournament, and everything goes wrong from the beginning.

First, you show up with a list that is rather stylish, and not so much competition orientated. (Slaanesh “Cult-of-Speed” thing, a lot of Chariots, some trolls, a giant, 2 spawns and a level 4 sorc with the deamon sword). The jugdes give you 10 of 13 points for painting and conversion (which is fine), and then you realise that you are going to play against a whole lot of (unpainted) War-altar/2Stanks, wood-elf treesurfers and Bret Flying circus… We played 2250p.

I lost the first one to a Bretonnion list using the rules from the crusading appendix and flying circus tactic. Well, no surprise there.

I lost the second one to a Woodelf list with treeman, BSB, lv.4 Mage and Swordmasters hiding in a wood. He had 2 Units of ten Bowman, which killed: 5 warhounds, a chaos giant, one chariot, another chariot, and my level 4 Wizard with their f***ing move and fire rules and str.4!

But the worst one was the last game. Against a darkelf list. The player was really nice, the list was nice, not to hard, rather fair thing, we had a nice game until I started rolling for armour saves. My chaos heroes all had their 2+ saves, and you might think that Str.3 shooting wouldn�t do so much against T4 heroes or T5 chariots. Wrong…

It all went to hell, when I charged a unit of Spearelves with a Chariot in the front and my General on Steed of Slaanesh in the back. I had a total of 1d6+10 str. 5 hits, and another 4 at str.4 against elves!! and managed to kill a mighty 2 warriors. Off went my general on his o-so-fast steed (4 inches) just to be trampled by the spearmen. My Wizard with demonsword lost his ride (a chaos chariot!! T5, 4Wo, 3+Sv) and 1 wound to Str.3 shooting, then flank charged into 5 cold-one-knight that were in combat with a chariot. You think 6 Str.6 attacks are good for those kind of things? Well actually, they are. But not if 3 of them hit yourself (1 on two hit rolls), Killing your 525 point Wizard-fighter Uber-character.

result: 2850 VP for my enemy, 0 for me. I didnt even manage to get a single unit under half-strenght…

A very, very dark day in my gaming career…


Ouch Cotter that is terrible! Should have played your Chaos Dwarfies that would have taught them a lesson!

Uzkul Werit:

I remember this well. It was in the second round of a 2000pts tournie with me using my Dawi Zharr. I knew the opponent well. He was a fairly nice chap. However, I began to get worried when he began to slap Tomb King Chariot after Chariot onto the table. By the end of Turn One, he was already in my deployment zone and I knew my game was up.


Worst ever? hmm…theres been so many. I guess the one that springs to mind is my first battle against Orcs. My buddy was playing for the first time since 5th edition, so he was still stuck on the big unit armies. I believe it was something along the lines of 40 savage orcs with lord, wizard and hero, 25 black orcs, and a couple big units of night gobbos.

First turn my wizard miscasts on his first spell which lets the orcs cast Waagh (which i don’t dispel). In the shooting phase my earthshaker and both deathrockets misfire (goodbye earthshaker and 1 deathrocket) and both of my bolt throwers miss. His turn both gobbo units and the savage orcs roll 6 for animosity and then roll 5’s and 6’s for their extra movement. Then in his magic phase Waagh casts with total power. His entire army is now within charge range. Don’t ask about the rest of the battle, there wasn’t much of one.