[Archive] Zanko´s other stuff - Vengeance of the Dreamwarriors

Ghrask Dragh:

Freebooter eh? I noticed the pirate goblins in the other thread were also from freebooter. Thanks for the link :hat off

Kera foehunter:

nice dark elves witches!! could you tell me zanko what model is that girl on the mask of the ship with pink hair ??


You mean the Elf-woman at the bow of the stem?!?!

This one is also from Freebooter Miniatures:


Like I said Werner Klocke designs are very cool stuff! :hat off



I just noticed that one of your charioteers is an old Eldar harlequin model, which I think is pretty darn neat! Also, you’re quite right about that wyvern it’s fantastic.


Kera foehunter:

YEA THAT THE ONE !!! thanks z-man


YEA THAT THE ONE !!!!  thanks z-man

Kera foehunter
Always at your service! :hat off



… and now my 3rd and for the moment the last update! :smiley:

1. a Hero:

2. an other Dragonrider:

3. a Warchariot:

4. another Cavalry Unit:

5. Black Ark Corsairs:

6. Crossbowmen:

7. Axemen:

8. Other Characters:

9. Swordmen:

10. Slavehunter:

11. Chaos Cavalry Allies:

12. Chaos Allies:

That´s all!


Lord Archaon:

You have a very unique and cool army Zanko!


Here are my old Slann - painted years ago:

1. The Slann Scorcerer on Palaquin together with his castrated and lobotomised Human Slave Guard:

2. The Hero on a Warhydra (a small one):

3. The Slann Cold-One Cavalry:

4. The Warhounds:

5. The Core Units:

6. The Warband - Blowgun guys:

That´s it!

This is my complete Slann ally unit! :cheers



Wow, where do you find all of your oldschool minis? You have a huge treasure there! :smiley:


I collected them infrequent at the end of the 80th and the first part of the 90th!

That´s the reason of the “special” kind of painting technique! With a bit more time I will repaint some details! :~

After the release of the new Lizardmen I lost the interest in the army. I liked the old history/army of the Slann more than the new one!

I´m also a great fan of the pygmy ally contingent but I own none. I found some time ago pygmies of another company, cool guys … perhaps later! x.x


Kera foehunter:

love the old lizzarmen army i like the slaves that hold up the slain

The Brain:

WOW, hay man that is a really awsome elf army. :hat off. Where are those Ostrich looking lizards from. They are cool.


IMO the old slann look more like frogs or salamander!

Oh yeah these minis are the original 3rd edition GW slann! :o

I bought them in the 80th!

And thanx for the compliment concerning my elven guys! :hat off


black hammer:

those old slann are way cool!


Here is some other stuff!

My few Chaos Warriors and the remaining part of my undead (except my “Dream Warriors” which I have to repaint)!

And now my Chaos Warriors:

… here is my Nazgul:

… and last but not least my Plaguecart:

That’s it for the moment!


Kera foehunter:

Wow love the cart and the dead ox

is that still a curent figure Zanko


Like the old style lizardmen and the chaos warriors. Very nice.


@ Kera: I believe that this Plaguecart is out of production. :frowning:

            It’s a GW one and I bought it about 15 years ago. At that time GW has only one undead line, not the difference between Vampire and Tomp Kings.



haha, another one with a 3rd edition slann army, although i’ve never seen you’re warhounds before.