[Archive] Zargon's Battle Reports

Zargon the Black:

I thought I’d start this thread as a place to write up all my victories/defeats and thoughts on units performances in games as i learn to wield the evil stunties in battle.

My first game: 1300pts LoA vs the new High-elves

My List:

lvl 3 Prophet with Death (Signature, doom and darkness, purple sun)

Infernal Castellan, BSB,

20 Infernal guard w/ Blunderbuss

4 Bull centaur Renders w/ great weapon and shields

Kadaii Destroyer

My friends List:

Phoenix Guard specil character (caradryn??? somthing like that)

lvl2 Mage w/ highmagic

20 Swordmasters FCG

20 seaguard FCG

5 Silverhelms

5 Silverhelms

8? Handmaidens

3 repeater bolt throwers

Now the game itself was a bit of a massacre for my opponent… Now i know it was a bit of a dick move to bring the destroyer to this level of play but in my defense that army was all the models i had built at the time… After the game i explained to my friend that all he needs is an unstompable hero w/the dragonbane gem and he can tie up the kadaii all game… Also he got confused and thought he was facing a throgg troll army so built it to fry trolls (so there was some dickery on his part as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …)

The board itself had a river (necrotic ooze? the poison one anyway) running from the top right to bottom left. This was disastrous for my opponent as i managed to catch the seaguard and Caradryn in it with a charge from my centaurs. No steadfast meant no more seaguard and general :hat off

The Blunderbuss’s didnt do anything after they took control of a dwarven brewhouse and stubbornly refused to leave it :cheers

I do like them as a bunker for my prophet though… 60 potential shots at anything coming to kill my mage is pretty good… i will give them another go next time.

Kadaii was a beast… destroyed 15 swordmasters in one turn with attacks, blazing body and thunderstomp… he did manage to kill it in the end though.

My casualties were 2 infernal guard, 3bull centaurs and the destroyer vs caradryn, mage, (sniped with deathspell) the seagard, swordmasters 1 repeater boltthrower and all silverhelms MASSACRE!