[Archive] Zharzharr Ironbeard's forces of destruction

Singleton Mosby:

I’ve been converting and painting my Chaos Dwarfs on and off over the past couple of weeks. Next to that I have played some games with them and start getting the right feel and a descent armylist.

Since I will be taking part in a league I thought it descent to speed up the painting a bit as well. With all the painting and converting I couldn’t do without an armyblog. So, here we go! :hat off

Singleton Mosby:

First of, some shots of my converted Hobgoblin Wolfriders. Heavy WIP as you see ;).

I’ve done the four of them a few months ago but wasn’t especially happy. Gave them some proper spears, other shields and some extra’s yesterday and now I am starting to like them. Time to paint!

Also found the bits for a fifth wolfrider. And then there’s of course the Khan himself.

I bought the wolfs painted, don’t like them at all so they will be stripped or replaced. Another five or six comrades wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Singleton Mosby:

I am also working on some Bull Centaurs. They will be in a not too bright-red colorscheme.

This guy just ‘happened’ yesterday when I found a nice bit in my bit-box and thought it would be cool as a standard. Now it happened to be that I had a broken standardbearer lying around so 1+1=a BSB.

And my destroyer, also WIP but he is nearing completion.