[Archive] Zhatan the Black(1)

Ghrask Dragh:

Congratulations Warplock:hat off another great sculpt!

A very impressive pose gives the overall model much more character. I like the hat too, you know about the bobble so I wont go on about it :), the horns in particular are a really nice addition! It has to said Warplock that with the fact your entering the Youngbloods :0 comp’ you have great potential for your age, Keep on sculpting!!!

What is on the front of the shield?



Thanks for the comment! The actual equipment that zhatan has, according to the list im using (i cannot remember who wrote it, but it was the closest thing to a army book as i could find) he has a special helmet which lets units that are within 18 inches use his leadership rather than 12, it is decribed has having bovine horns attached onto it. It was a normal magic item availiable to all charaters, but he had it.

On the front of the sheild is a skull of sorts

Well i have started to paint him, and its going quite well. I have painted the skin, the shoulder pad and just finishing the hat. I have painted the eyes on the shoulder pad as actual eyes, that are bloodshot and have slits as pupils. This is to symbolise his daemonic infused armour, i like to think it is alive and actually moves in the way of blows!

Of corse i will not use him as zhatan, i do not nearly have enough points yet to use a lord, but in time…


Warplock Monkey, I am in love with your sculpting! This one and your sorcerer have already progressed even further past your first Lord, which was cool to begin with. Very unique, very characterful, I think the hat is fantastic even if it isn’t flat (in fact I think it is better to make it unique in this way) and I can’t wait to see this one painted. DANG, sir! I am jealous.


Thank you mr khan! At least someone likes the bobble…

Well i have just about finished painting, but it hasnt gone as well as planned.On some places, especially the face, i have put the paint on too thick, and he isnt as well painted as the sorcerer. On a good note some things have turned out well. To cover up the mess i made of his face i gave one eye a cataract, and a scar or two thats looks quite good. He looks alot more of a grizzled veteran than my sorcerer, who i like to think is a fresh-faced aprentice.

Pictures will be on soon, but dont get too exited :~

My next project will be to sculpt asteroth, his machine thingy based on a mega armoured nob

By the way would anybody be interested in commisions?


He is just about complete!

As i said he hasnt turned out very well, he isnt as well painted as my sorcerer, but what can you do?

My next project is my golden hat entry! See my thread for more!