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I am looking for feedback on this, primarily on the rules side and ideally with a points cost for him.


As with most of the fluff I write it ties into all the other things I have written (tear at Daemons Stump etc etc), so without reading that this may not make much sense.��The berserkers are chaos dwarfs who are trapped most of the time in the realm of chaos, the Summoned rule being how they are deployed on the battlefield (a bit like dwarf miners).

Zhatan the Black

In the Imperial year 2301 during the second great incursion of Chaos into the world, the portents of doom in the skies above Zharakhaos were obvious to all Chaos Dwarfs. The skies were in perpetual darkness and an almighty storm raged unceasingly for months.

The Coven of Sorcerers could sense something terrible was about to happen and gathered the largest army ever seen in the chambers around the great tear. For months they prepared and watched patiently with a growing sense of dread. At last their worst fears were realised, a great daemonic legion suddenly spilled forth from the tear as it grew to fill the whole chamber. The Earthshakers mounted around the walls opened fire delivering payload after payload into the monstrosities pouring forth from the tear, but it was not enough.

Zhatan was in the front line leading the Immortals. For hours they fought, but slowly they were forced backward as the enemy was too strong. After a full night of fighting, Astrogoth sent word to Zhatan that if he sacrified himself and his troops to buy some time the Coven would cast a great incantation that would drain energy from the tear, allowing the battle to be won. So it was that Zhatan and a group of the strongest fighters pushed forward and entered the tear itself, lost to darkness.

222 years later Zhatan once again returned to the realm of mortals in the chamber at Daemons Stump; blackened, bloody and horrifically scared. Although he had long since been presumed dead, his fate had been far worse. Within the Realm of Chaos he had encountered unimaginable terrors, and things no mortals were ever deemed to see.��In the world beyond it could have been that thousands of years had passed.

He had not only been changed in mind. Although Dwarf bodies are naturally resistant to the warping effects of chaos, he had developed bony protrusions from his face, and an unnaturally tough body.

After he had recovered sufficiently, he paced the Great Temple of Hashut for many days in silent contemplation. The Priests knew better than to disturb him, since his ordeal he had become distant and seriously unhinged. The Coven named him Zhatan the Black, Commander of the Armies of Zharr Naggrund in honour of his sacrifices. Rumours spread around the Empire that Zhatan had even fought at the side of Hashut, and had been allowed to return to the world on a direct mission for his god. He has never spoken of what happened during his ordeal, but until he does the Chaos Dwarfs can only wait to see what he will do.

ZHATAN THE BLACK :Mad …? 300 ??points

 -��������������������M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Zhatan the Black���� 3 7��4��5 5 3 4 4 9
Equipment:��Heavy Armour, Flesh Tearers.

Special Rules: Frenzy, Immune to Psychology, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Attacks

Walk between Worlds

Ever since his return to the material realm, horrifically scared and on the brink of death, Zhatan has been cursed by a cruel fate.��At any time, day or night his body may begin to phase out of existence, returning back to the Realm of Chaos before appearing again just as suddenly

Every turn on the roll of a 4+ Zhatan is Ethereal.

Red Mist Rising

By some curious twist of fate, Berserkers are drawn to Zhatan from the chaos beyond, appearing on the battlefield in huge berserker armies.

If Zhatan is the general of the army, any Berserker unit he joins may be deployed as normal on the battlefield, or using the Summoned special rule.��In addition, the limitations on taking a unit of Berserkers per Sorcerer or High Sorcerer are removed.

Flesh Tearers

These cursed weapons have been the nemesis of many a foe.��When wielded by Zhatan in his berserker frenzy the cruel metal spikes wreak an almighty carnage, decimating enemy units in a whirlwind of bloody destruction.

The weapons add +2 Attacks


I love this fluff. Very awesome. It’s a prime example of how deep Chaos Dwarf fluff can be. There is so much rich and untapped, unexplored history to the Chaos Dwarfs that would be so well represented in a new Army Book.

Are you making a full codex ala Revlid? What ever happened to that geOrc project?

Great stuff.


At the moment it is being assembled into one pdf by some guy in germany.��He is adding a background and borders, but all the other work is done.��Should be about 31 pages.

We may need to add some art into gaps.

I’ve put this up here (and on HoH), in the hope that we can squeeze him in to the rules pdf.��I planned to get it finished very soon, so if work carries on with him he will be done seperately when we release the pdf.

This rules pdf is just that, the vast majority of the fluff is not in it, this is for getting playtesting and rules/ background/ apperance feedback generally.��So its not ‘finished’.


Sounds cool anyways. Can’t wait for that. Do you know if they need artists? I might try my hand at some very detailed art sometime soon.

Lord Zarkov:

Quite a cool new way of looking at Zhatan

I congratulate you


If I were to leave the stats and rules as they are, what points cost would you give this guy?


I’m pretty clueless about point values myself, but here’s a site that might help, the design a character page of Avian’s We iz Orcs site. Good luck!:mask


:hat off About 250- 300 points?


That was about what I thought, 275.


i say 400 points plus hed come with three prists of hashut

m ws bs t s w i a ld

3 5 6 5 4 2 3 3 10

specal rules


prists of hashut alway must be in base contackt with zhatan the black



Why would he need priests with him? Anything they can do, they can either do from afar, or before/ after the battle.

You might need to explain more your idea.