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Zhatek The Weird:

Hello everyone. :hat off

It is quite a while since i have been on the forums, I have had a lot of different things to go around and think about. But now I am back with some new things, this time im taking us back to the horus heresy. I will be posting pictures of my Sons of Horus Legion on this blog.

Zhatek out for now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m looking forwards to this, I love their back story and also what happens to them after Terra.

Zhatek The Weird:

[align=left]Sons of Horus Legion Preator - Razus, The Wyrm slayer of Kravus XI.

On the cold and barren moon of Kravus XI, one man led a regiment of 47 men in battle against their previous brothers of war, the imperial guard of Kravus XI. Preator Razus, a man of honor was in great confusion when the heresy broke out. He was unsure of the commands sent to him by his primarch, but non the less his immense loyalty led him to follow the orders. Under him was the chaplain Cran and the librarian Kathis, these were his right and left hand in battle. Under these three was 20 tactical legionaires and 20 veteran legionaires. The only help which was sent to aid them was the dreadnought known as Araktus and a unit of 5 terminators from the catulan reavers. Razus led his men to victory after 4 months of unending battle on the barren moon. After this all contact was lost with Razus and his fellow legionaires, no one is certain of what happened to Razus and his men some speculate that after the battle has settled Razus and his men realized what they had done and had taken their own life because of their foul deed.


Total time amount spent on this guy is around 6 hours of painting, not to  talk about wait time for him to dry.


Now that is a proper hammer! :slight_smile:

Zhatek The Weird:

A big hammer to a big man. :slight_smile:

Cran, the chaplain - Razus’s right hand.

Kathis, the librarian - Razus’s left hand.

Araktus, the legions venerable dreadnought.

More to come Zhatek out. :hat off