[Archive] Zhatek's Blog of an beloved grandpa's army and some of my own stuff

Zhatek The Weird:

Hello everybody my name is Zhatek also known as Emil. :hat off

I got into boardgames after my beloved grandpa died not long ago :frowning: , when he left me his old Chaos Dwarf Army. I am fairly new here in these forums, well enough about me. On this army blog i will show my grandpa’s old army which he told me to bring back to life. So that is what i am planning to do :slight_smile: , by adding some models that i have fallen in love with in my short time span of tabletop gaming. :D  

Ps. These smileys are just the best.

So to start off with i have Zhatek and Brandon, Brandon is Zhatek’s favorite skin wolf.

I was thinking of using the skin wolves for K’daii fireborn, because i think an army cannot be a real army without werewolf’s in my opinion. :D  

Have nice day/evening - Zhatek

More updates soon

Billy Ocean:

Sorry to hear about your grandpa but its so great that you can do this last nice thing for him, restoring his favorite army to its splendor. I look forward to following your progress.

And I’m down with the skinwolf as fireborn idea. I like to see people incorporate models they love into their armies, even if they don’t fit the descriptions perfectly.


I’m saddened to hear about your grandpa. He sounds like he was a good man and grandparent with great taste in miniatures to boot. It’s very good of you to take up the torch from him and finish his army.

Welcome aboard! These ringlet bearded smileys are indeed créme de la créme, as a friend of mine are used to say.

Good plans for the army! From that single picture it seem you might have inherited said good taste from your late granddad. Best of luck with the army. :wink:


Sorry for your loss man.

I think it is a great idea to give paint and life to this army. A great way to make him proud, no doubt.

An because respect of the elders is important for Dawi, i’ll give you slaves to help you paint!

Looking forward to see your paintings :slight_smile:


If one should inherit anything - a love for boardgames must be among the best thing. Countless hours, memories of good times. I love boardgames and miniature gaming.

I’m sure you’ll make granddad proud and make the army shine.

Welcome to the forum, always good with new blogs. The body team you’ve posted is cool next to each other.

Emil? Where are you from? Scandinavia? I’m named Emil myself - as a middle name that is.

Zhatek The Weird:

Greetings Bloodbeard and French-noodle ty for the warm welcome. :smiley:
To answer your question Bloodbeard i am a happy dane. :slight_smile:
and thank you for the slaves Noodle they will be whipped :wink:
I will be updating when i have the time, when i am not doing school stuff hehe. :slight_smile:

Zhatek The Weird:

If you wander were the rest of this army blog is wonder no further, it will be posted on the thread called a little update. I messed with the post so i posted it as a new thread instead of a reply to this one :~ since i am new this whole forum thing, stupid little me. I would love if a moderator could link the two threads together or something like that if it is possible. :slight_smile: