[Archive] Zombie pirates of the vampire coast


:hat off:cheers:hat off:cheersFirst off i want to say sorry for not being on for quite a while as i recently purchased a ps3 and have been glued to it for the past months but ive came back with a bang as after countless excruciating searches i found a website that has the army list of the zombies of the vampire coast and have begun to model using the sartosan vampires as a base and will post pictures if i learn how of my first fleet captain and luthor harkan. P.s. The website also features long past army lists on it so if you want to know it just ask.:hat off:hat off:hat off:hat off:hat:hat:hat off:cheers:hat off:cheers:hat:hashut:hat off:cheers

Kera foehunter:

wow!!! could you pm me the web site pirate buddy.

thanks kera


just PM the adres to me

Hashut’s Blessing:

Or, this would make more sense, post the link in this thread to save everybody asking you to PM it to them.