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i going to dundra con and was thinking about entering the warhammer fantasy tournament when i saw that one of the armys mentioned is pirate zombies

what are zombie pirates

where did they come from

are there models


Try looking for Pirates of the Vampire Coast :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Zombie Pirates had a full army list in a White Dwarf magazine(can’t remember the issue number I’m afraid) aswell as a limited edition bag of Zombie and I think empire milita sprues together to make units. You can still make them buying these boxed sets, the bag was just cheaper.

I can’t remember much about the list but I know really liked it, well worth a look IMO!


If I remember correctly the zombie pirates lived on the east or west coast of the southlands the rules are in a white dwarf but I cant remember which one.

Kera foehunter:

well i have a small book thats called conqust of the new world that came with the w.d. it a supplement thats has the rules. Vampier Lord Luther Harkon

Called his servants to reanimated the corps of dead seamen that drowned that died off the Vampier coast Lustria


would love issue number


Can’t imagine just where GW got the idea for Zombie Pirates :rolleyes:


I have that WD.

US, WD305, june 2005.


would love issue number

I would love capital letter & punctuation.:idea


Im sorry, I can only post at night. When im very tired

thanks for the issue number ashur


I think you mean a capital letter or capital letters Blood Axe. I myself am holding out for grammar but this is the internet, so I’ll be here a while…

Kera foehunter:

Do you need grammer for zombie pirates? Auggg??


This topic needs to die

its going off topic and dundra con is over


The zombie pirate rules are on the GW website as a pdf