[Archive] Zorgoth's cheap Tauren conversions


Alright, first off, sorry for no images yet in this how-to guide. Still, I’m gonna show how to make cheap Tauren from BFSP dwarfs and some salvaged horse models.

What you’ll need:

Dwarf of your choice

utility/x acto knife


New Empire general warhorse w/ base

greenstuff (optional)

bitz fer aesthetic reasons

ogre topknot

super glue

1. Begin by putting together the horses. Do NOT add the heads and tails to the minis.

2. Take off the feet from the dwarf with your blade and scrape/sand down the area.

3. Take sandpaper and file at an angle the back/bottom of the dwarf so that the angle fits your horse’s head space.

4. Glue the defiled dwarf to the horse in the pose you like and wait for it too dry.

5. Procede to GS the area around the dwarf so that the joining has a natural look. The flat part of an ogre ironfist will also work as an armor plate if you remove from the rest of the ironfist.

6. Trim the end of the topknot and glue to the horse’s rump.

7. Now you can add any bitz you like to the model and/or convert with GS.

Hope you find this guide helpful.����:cheers


Well, it would probably make for a better Bull Centaur over a Taurus. :stuck_out_tongue:


Centaur, Taurus, same idea… alright fine, you got me… From now on, Bull centaurs are Tauren in my posts and GT are Tauruses… I will fix my last post Xander, and by the way, that video guide was awesome!


Why aren’t you calling them Bull Centaurs? That is the official name? o_o


Why the empire general horse?

I took a look at the Empire General mounted last night at the GW online store, and it looked pretty much like most of the horses, armoured with plate. Is there any specific reason for the General’s mount?

I personally would be looking at less armoured horses, so that there’s not as much to remove (since most horses have plate, rather than the conventional scale that we seem to use).

And some pictures eventually would definately be nice.


I like the armor on the general horse, and of course I’m not telling you what you must have, I’m only explaining how I make my type of Centaurs. As to the name Xander, Bull centaur doesn’t seem to fit, as a centaur is someone half man and half horse. Tauren is along the Latin line that taurus is, which means bull, so I took the more acurate name. just a personal quirkI guess…

Lord Zarkov:

As to the name Xander, Bull centaur doesn't seem to fit, as a centaur is someone half man and half horse. Tauren is along the Latin line that taurus is, which means bull, so I took the more acurate name. just a personal quirkI guess...

But the 'Bull' is a prefix to explain that it is like a centaure but with a bull body; and Bull Centaur is not only already established, but also does a far better job of explaining what they actually are


I concur with Lord Zarkov.


what kind of great tarus is that

(it a bull ceantar)


Sorry for the thread necromancy, but as a friend pointed out to me today: centaur = half man, half bull

it’s cenTAUR after all - “tauros” = bull in greek

therefore the name bull centaur isn’t really that clever :wink:


It’s because of the wierdness of “centaur” meaning bull shooter (they were archers) rather than horse-man.

Kera foehunter:

lol now come on guys!!
so you guys love to shoot the bull with each other it called centaur
i thought it was bull S h -ting


Laugh all you want, Cornixt is right. It has nothing to do with describing the creature as half bull/half man, it has everything to do with archers shooting the bullseye…

Its a shame that Zorgoth’s thread about converting a bull centaur was hijacked by purists.