[Archive] zorn's redemtionists or how i learned learned to stop worring and start burning

zorn sabretooth:

greetings, heretics

before you burn, here’s my gang roster


The Emperor’s chosen

The Preacher ,Priest


background:A dangerous psychopath, The Preacher was incarcerated in a mental institution after killing his family. He suffers from messanic delusions, claming that the emperor guides him, he recently broke out of the institution and lead a likeminded gang of fellow patients into the streets

Brother Goliath,Deacon


background: suffers From pyromania  is never seen without his flamer

Brother Cassidy, Crusader

Autogun, Bludgeon

background:This patient belives he is a vampyre

Brother Methuselah,crusader


background: Paranoid, keeps rambling on about the ruinous powers and vile xenos

Brother Jonah

stub gun,flail

background: self flagellant

Convert Job,devotee


background:a kidnapped ex-goliath juve ,Job was brainwashed by his now-comrades

Convert Jeremiah,devotee


background:an ex -cawdor, Jeremiah gladly excepted his place in the redemption

mad Gaberiel,zealot


background:Gaberiel has lost it all: his family,his home, his sanity but he likesto make up for it by killing heretics

please report any tactical flaws or such and i will have more updates later

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m not sure what this is about… Is this a Necromunda list?

zorn sabretooth:

yep sorry about any confusion caused

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not a problem :smiley: how comes it only has two models in it? Also, have you made the models yet?

zorn sabretooth:

check it now no that was when my mum told it was family time and to get off that goddamned computerand i have made the models which were an absuloute bugger to make :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ah, I know the feeling all too well :smiley: Still, I don’t actually know the rules for Necromunda, so I can’t comment, however, I’d love to see the models :stuck_out_tongue: hint hint…

zorn sabretooth:

can somebody lock this nobody seems to be paying attetion


Generally people tend to wait for the pics before posting, especially if its for a system they don’t know well. I love the fluff for redemptionists, what parts are you planning to use?