[Archive] Z's Chaos Dwarf army W.I.P


Well its the Weekend I just picked up a Box of dwarfs to chop up so wish me luck…

Heres my first One

Questions, Comments, and Criticisms are Always Welcome and often needed.



Ghrask Dragh:

Thats Excellent! what did you use for the torso? (I happen to have some miners lying about :D)

The green stuff is good, but could maybe do with a more clarity which would be easier of each braid was a bit thicker, what do you think?

This is really cool, a unit of these would look amazing!!



the body and arms are from the marauder sprue, right?

looks good so far, i don’t like swords on dwarfs though. But thats totally up to you and I like the way you crimped it, to fit the size of the dwarf.

nice (or should i say evil?) overall appearence - I really dig the bare upper body


That is teh awsome.

More I say, more!


Looking forward to seeing more! :cheers:


Great start!

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Tharzhul Firehelm:

Great start mate, can’t wait to see more


ooooh, nice, maybe make the ebard a little longer, but nothing else I can say on it:)


Ah yes another apprentice of helms joins my cabal, mmmmmwwwwaaaahhaaa.

Excellent work on the scale of the weapons.


Nice, the helm is in a good position. That helm’s horns are the best for making the head look wider than it is, so it fits better with the dwarf proportions. I like that you made the haft of the axe shorter.

A picture of the back would be cool, we’d get a better idea which torso is used. It looks to be a modified Marauder, but I can’t be sure.


40K ork torso, thats what the cloth looks like, and the shoulderpads come from the or sprue I’m guessing (looks like the old orc shoulder pads anywho?)


Thanks Everyone!

Its a murauder Chest… I notched the bottom of it so the Chaos Belt buckle (which you cant see) overlaps both the torso and the miner legs about 50/50… the shoulderpads are Murauder aswell again a cut and chop… notching the Bottom of the Helm so it sits down on the chest was key I think… and cutting down the Murauder arms… they look like they mesh pretty well… tho I still have some clean up around the armpit before paint…

Anyhow I was working on bases last Night… So I havent done much else. I Will take Pics of my Dirge pre-beard for you so everyone can get a better look.

Thanks again!


Viskar Zhragoth:

Looking great! Awesome job, and I too love the marauder torso look…something to think about.

We’ll all be waiting for more pictures for sure!


So heres the start of my chaos dwarf dirge(musician)

Its not much of a start but you should be able to see how the bits fit…

The fir is used to make up the Width and fill in the gaps.



Here The Dirge post beard (I still need to clean up mold lines)

Questions, Comments, and Criticisms are Always Welcome and often needed.



Kera foehunter:

cool ! i like the not so heavy armor cd


Very nice start :hat off Looking forward to see more.


thanks again!

Ok… Now for the last update for Awhile (no need for an update you on every Dwarf in the unit)

my standard Bearer

and the full command



wow, now that is some good stuff. a new take on an existing style, very nice.


Nifty start. The Marauder bodies are a nice touch, and lend a Slayer-esque feel. Will you be painting spiral or Celtic tattoos on them?