[BB] Hard Knocks - Blood Bowl in the Dark Lands [2022-01-02]

Blood Bowl is one of the best games GW has ever put forth, and with the Greebo Kickstarter campaign it was finally time for me to take the plunge and get myself a truly awesome looking Chaos Dwarf team. And thanks to Greebo’s record-breaking delivery (less than a month after the campaign ended I had the models on my desk) they were in time to keep my BATG 2022 score low.

These are among the most awesome models I’ve ever seen (of any game system) and I am glad I went a little overboard and got not only the basic team (with all the kickstarter goodies it came with) but also a few add-ons and star players. There was barely any work to be done, no mould lines, no leftovers from printing supports, no warping or flossing, only the Bull Centaurs required a little bit of milliput for gap-filling after assembly. And the details are amazing.

Here we have the main team: 6 Chaos Dwarf Blockers, 8 Hobgoblins, 2 Bull Centaurs and a Minotaur. The Chaos Dwarfs are quite large (scale creep is real) but look great, but honestly it was the Hobgoblins which really sold it to me. How crazy is that? Hobgoblins! Still, I love those.

Part of the deal were also these handy markers. Prone and stunned Bull Centaur and Minotaur, team marker, re-roll and lose ball. Fairly standard.

Next we have the coaching staff. The coach on his throne, a team mascot, a cheerleader and a biased referee, I also got the markers for Bribe, Apothecary and Mage. On the far left is the bonus Greebo Gargoyle they threw in with every pledge and on the far right is Iron Steve, the guitarist from their pretty cool Chaos Dwarf rock band. I just had to have the model, instantly fell in love with it. At least I could restrain myself from getting the rest of the band…

And lastly we have the Star Players. There are models for the (currently not supported) legacy Chaos Dwarf star players Hthark the Unstoppable, Zzharg Madeye and Rashnak Backstabber, one for Grashnak Blackhoof (who just got rules in Spike! 13) and good old Morg ‘n’ Thorg, plus the current star players The Black Gobbo, Lord Borak and Hakflem Shuttlespike. And one for Akhorne, because look how adorable that little guy is!

I will have lots of fun painting these. And playing, probably. Maybe it’s time to actually get the basic game? Or at least the templates and some dice off eBay…