Big hats by raging heroes


These are… weird. Not ugly… but weird.

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They won’t mesh well with other ranges I feel. Too much of a specific aesthetic. Kinda fairy tale/ cartoonish?

Would work well as a stand-alone project I think

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I do wonder how much if that is the render choices?I wonder if they were painted by one of us I wonder if they’d look better

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I think so, it’s so important to get quality images of your product out there for this reason, it could so easily put people off. Never been a fan of the Raging Heroes style of colouring in their renders.

That being said I like these, the slightly over the top proportions remind of Rozmax’s art which I’m a big fan of.

I never knew I wanted Chaos Dwarfs on Zombie Board until now…what a cool idea.

Again just wish they’d pay the price to get them painted by artists rather than save money and show there weird renders