[Blood Bowl] Available Chaos Dwarf teams etc

Lets keep a thread of all the different manufacturers having Chaos Dwarf teams or Blood Bowl related models available…

Blood Bowl teams:

Gaspez Arts - Bull Warriors

Willy Miniatures - Chaos Dwarf Team

Meiko - Evil Dwarves

Gaspez arts - Team Chaos Dwarves

Greebo - Volmarian

Uscarl Miniatures - Chaos Dwarves

Impact! - Black Rock Dwarves

Hungry Troll - Kharm bastards

Blood Bowl related models:

Winzor Chog - Slave Giant

Chaos Spawn Miniatures - Female Cow Centaur

Chaos Spawn Miniatures - Chaos Dwarf “Beer babe”

Admiralty Miniatures - Chaos Dwarf fans, Mother and child


This is fantastic. It’s sort of skating that Chaos Dwarfs still don’t have a plastic boxed set considering the pace of releases with the new boxed game.

I do hope we get a plastic release soon, that would be a conversion goldmine!

Yes, that will be great, so much potential. Hopefully Games Workshop will include the centaurs in the box and dont make them Forge World. But either way it means new models for us! :slight_smile:
The next SPIKE! should be teased within a few weeks if they follow their latest release schedule with four teams each year, lets keep our fingers crossed!

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Having even one Bull Centaur in there means I’d probably buy 5 sets! :smiley:

Just saw this cool conversion on Facebook in the Blood Bowl Community group. Using BB Dwarfs and skulls from the GW skull set, as well as a Ogroid Myrmidon as Minotaur.


Very cool! The BB Dwarfs are pretty cool models.

Oh I like those Bull Warriors by Gaspez Arts a lot! They have a great style. But also a hefty price tag to got with it.

But do you guys really think GW will produce a new Chaos Dwarf team? After them making the old one available for on-demand order, I can’t see that happening. They did not do that will all the other teams…

It might just take a while for them to get done. I agree that the rerelease makes a delay likely.

Yes, other teams has been done as “on-demand” and then redone. Im sure they will do Chaos Dwarfs as well. So far they have stated that they will redo all the teams except Slann, and that they are also looking to add teams in the future.
There are several references to Chaos Dwarf teams in the books, as well. See the latest SPIKE! for example… :slight_smile:

A newly imagined Chaos Dwarf BB team would be fantastic, don’t get me wrong :slight_smile: but somehow I don’t think there will be one. I found it curious that they re-released the old one alone. But hey, we‘ll just have to wait and see :+1:

I think they haven’t decided on the look for them yet. I don’t expect them to look much like the big hat team even though BB is based in the (alternate) Warhammer World of that period.

Labmasu Miniatures - Old but Gold

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These are great, the simplest conversions are always the best

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Here is a size reference of the Winzor Chog Giant, together with Morg and Ripper.

Concept for upcoming Chaos Dwarf Minotaur by Rafael Jesús González Artal


Teaser for upcoming Chaos Dwarf team by Warploque Miniatures

Just realized I forgot to add this wonderful team…

Grim Butchers by Goblin Guild Miniatures


Oh these are nice as well!
Man, there certainly are some quality Chaos Dwarf BB teams out there


Star Player Miniatures - Damned Dwarves