[Blood Bowl] Old School Chaos Dwarf sculpts on BBC Facebook

Just found these on the “Blood Bowl Community” on Facebook. Hopefully the sculpted will join and share the progress… Looks great so far!

I love the old school chaos dwarfs models from the 90’s but sadly moth balled as soon as I got into the hobby. I thought I would try my hand at sculpting my own. I tried to keep them a similar size to the chorf blockers but ended up with some size creep and they’re 18mm to the eye. From other post on here it looks like they’re smaller than the new GW halflings. Ive gone with a classic chimney hat and knobhead and I’m experimenting with some mad design for the other wips. Not sure whether to make chimney a ref or leave as blocker. Excuse the poor photos.
/ Grant Reid


Oh wow, keep us posted on if he’s casting those.
Fantastic sculpts, much more dynamic than the official minis