Blood, Smoke and Ash

Hi Guys! First time posting here, so if i’ve put this in the wrong place, apologies.
This is intended to be my army blog as i start my path for the chaos dwarfs. I have 2 sets of the BFSP dwarfs on order and i’ll start showing them off as soon as possible.
I have a question for you guys, what are your opinions on the chaos dwarf beards? i’m in the camp of turning chaos doesn’t magically dreadlock your beard :sweat_smile:!
my plan is to have helm dwarfs, with masks being a possibility. I’m aiming for a ‘fresh’ look to the older chaos dwarf minis (around 3rd ed era, where they were just spiky dwarfs)
Hope you enjoy the content as i roll it out!


Cheers and welcome! This board is exactly the right place for your growing Chaos Dwarf army, we are all eagerly awaiting your progress.
As for the beards, I personally like them. Together with the big hats it’s just a classic look. But then again, especially in the last years, other concepts have become much more common. There are Chaos Dwarfs with „regular“ beards, and even without any beards. Big hats, small hats, bald, masks - anything goes! This is your Chaos Dwarf army, nobody else’s. Keep em coming!

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I think it depends on who your Chaos Dwarfs are; in my mind broadly speaking there are two groups of Chaos Dwarf - the Dawi Zharr who are the ones settled in the Dark Lands and Renegades who are mostly vanilla dwarfs that have fallen to Chaos.

Dawi Zharr generally have coiled beards and hats, and the coils are a fashion choice rather than a genetic thing. So poorer Dawi Zharr probably have less neater coils and some might not even have them, and any Dawi Zharr that’s out on prolonged campaign would probably be less likely to sport coils as they don’t have time to maintain them to as high a standard.

Renegades are the old 3rd ed Chaos Dwarfs and can have whatever style beard they like and are more like short Warriors of Chaos than the Babylonian/Assyrian theme of the Dawi Zharr. These Chaos Dwarfs would also be more likely to sport mutations and in greater variety due to more exposure to raw Chaos whereas the mutations of Dawi Zharr are more stabilised being due to the influence of Hashut.


If you look at
you’ll see quite a variety of approaches.

I’ve got a few units of 7th edition dwarf models that have been given just masks and full-face helmets, as an alternative to my old big hat models. There’s no wrong way to do it as long as they are dwarfs that don’t look exactly the same as regular dwarfs.

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Do it like Jasko said… they’re your Chaos Dwarves and you’re supposed to like them! Let your relativity run free and post many pictures, even WIP pictures!

I wonder what this could :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Little tease for things upcoming

First set on the shelf ready for converting - what base size do chaos dwarves use? I would have thought the smaller size

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Can’t answer your question, sadly, depends on the game system I guess. But I can say your big cannon at the back looks cool from here

Just an ogre iron blaster, sadly probably won’t make it to the army

Oh pity. Sure it is not conversion potential??

Something to wet the conversion whistle, couple of death rocket crew members! Unsure what I’m gonna do with the cannon at the moment, the runes have got to go but past that going to have to go bits box digging!

Model update: the 2nd set is in my possession as of this week! I managed to find another set! Cheap on eBay, so I will be look at somewhere in the region of 100+ models to set me off :grimacing::grimacing:


Give them Big Hats.
None of those weak elven masks.

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Chaos Dwarfs use 20mm square bases in Kings of War, Warhammer Fantasy and the Ninth Age. 25mm rounds in Age of Sigmar.

Best of luck! Great to see Battle for Skull Pass conversion mania already on new CDO. A true classic. :slight_smile:


Small progress! Filed and smoothed a small number of blatant scum runes from the models. I fully have made a rod for my own back as I still have another 30ish to do in the same fashion :sweat_smile:


Unwanted (maybe) tip:
In my experience, it’s way faster to cut away the runes with a knife since they’re so portruding. But I’ve only done ca 70-80 of the little buggers myself so I could be wrong :wink:


That’s what I did :slight_smile: just used the file to smooth the shield out, I’d be here until next year otherwise :sweat_smile:

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I sure your efforts will be rewarded by the father of Darkness. Good luck

Welcome, from an olde but new here member. Literally it can be anything goes.
I started my madness with the older spikey dwarfs, then the 4th Ed Big Hats and now any will do.
Braided beards are okay for parties but on the battlefield not so much.
So “normal” beards on the BFSP dwoofs are all good. You could add chaos adornments or a beard guard if you like.


Some conversions to keep you all interested :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the banners and axe bayonets. Don’t forget to drill out the ends of the pipes of the guns. That makes a huge difference. :slight_smile: