Burnout Recovery: 9 Week Physical Exercise Program

The following is a possible cure, described to me by a doctor who had education in physical exercise (which most doctors don’t have, and thus cannot find anything wrong with burntout patients when taking their tests). Posting it in case anyone knows someone who could benefit from trying it out. You may want to speak with a doctor about it, but do ask how many hours education they have in physical exercise, and remember that most doctors have zero:

9 Week Programme for Burnout Recovery (90% recovery success among patients). Personal trainer is recommended.

Start small and managable. It doesn’t matter how little you can manage the first weeks. Increase as you go by.

Each week look like this:

1 day high pulse exercise. Skiing, cycling, running, swimming.

1 day rest.

1 day high strength exercise. Lifting weights. Not many lifts with little weight, but a few heavy lifts.

1 day rest.

1 day low pulse exercise. Yoga, relaxation exercise and the like, whatever makes your pulse go low.

1 day rest.

Rinse and repeat for 9 weeks.

The high pulse exercise gives the least to recovery, but is still needed. High strength exercise gives medium. Low pulse exercise gives the most, counter-intuitively though it may sound.

The doctor explained that burnout is lengthy brain exhaustion, and can be exercised and rested away if done correctly. It cannot be medicated away, at least not with current medicine.

I will try this program soon, when things calm down so no work and chores to help within the family tugs at my limited energy (keep your schedule cleared!).

Best of luck, anyone out there who may need it.


I assumed that all Swedish doctors would prescribe Surströmming and pillaging Denmark.


Yeah, but… surely after this training regime to strengthen the body and mind :wink:


@Fuggit_Khan & @denelian5 : Indeed! I’m already retching in anticipation and sharpening my rapier while waiting for the Belts to freeze solid to allow passage on horseback. :rankcd1:


Shhh! *whispers: Don’t speak the secret plan out loud! Man vet aldrig när danskjävlarna lyssnar :wink:


So far this stuff seems to work, despite a couple of random sickness weeks.

Pauses in between portioned-out exercise days are absolutely necessary. I talked with a lass who’s been burntout for 9 years now; she had gone on another exercise program without pauses, training back-to-back for 4 days in a row per week, and any recovery gained crashed when she couldn’t keep it up due to exhaustion.

My brother is doing the same program in parallell with me. Health is recovering at a brisk speed at the moment. Fingers crossed it goes all the way into the goal.

There is a wagonload of queued-up WIP and promised projects to chew through, once recovery is complete. Including CD ones, including one based on a lovely concept drawing by @Jackswift . :eye:


Glad to hear the program is working for you!

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