Call for Artwork: Cover Art for The Lost Legions book (The Print-out of the Free Old World PDFs)

Jac make a mega quality picture that still looks gritty and work with Pyroven regarding design when we get the cover art scanned?


I can certainly give it a go


This looks so good…Can’t wait to get my copy!

Here’s a better upscale for whomever it’s useful!


Remember the forum compresses pictures, it would be worth uploading it to imgur and linking it


I saw the files for the interior of the book. Did the cover ever get released for those of us who missed the print run and want to try to print ourselves?

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As mentioned in the thread, the files will be released soon. Our intention is for people to receive the books first and then we will release the files.


Thanks! I appreciate the files being released as I missed the first round of orders for that lovely book.

Has anyone here been thinking of doing one for the CD’s alone?

Some industrious folk on the internet have slapped some interesting books together.

Im incapable of such technical wizardry, but thought this looked amazing and would ve willing to throw in on such a project…


Honestly for Chaos Dwarfs alone I don’t think many people would be interested, using services like DoxDirect is really best suited to bigger books, they get better value per page.

I know that I myself am interested in making more PDFs for homebrew/legacy hybrids and fancifying the legacy PDFs, but that’s just me and I’m not really intending to print stuff.

I also had an idea the other day of making a homebrew PDF for all of the Brazen Basterds, which I think would be really cool to put art, lore, and rules all into.