CDO is on Patreon!

If you didn’t know, I started CDO in 2007. At the time, I had been looking to sell my 4/5th Edition Chaos Dwarf models, so I joined the Hand of Hashut, the only forum for Chaos Dwarfs at the time. I was inspired by the fantastic conversions and sculpting work of Exquisite Evil and Grimstonefire. I fell in love with the community and decided not to sell my miniatures, and to instead build a brand new Chaos Dwarf army!

After leading many efforts to improve the HoH forum, I sadly didn’t get much engagement from the staff. Instead, I decided to create a forum of my of my own instead. I tried to recruit the most motivated individuals to help drive the success of the forum with the hope that there would always be someone around to lead the charge.

The results were more than I could have ever imagined. Just look at these post counts: – that’s almost 50 users with over 1000 posts. Incredible.

And now, in 2020, we’ve embarked on the process of moving to a new platform, Discourse! And so far, despite some hiccups, it’s been great! Our old forum is showing it’s age, but it has so much great content, that I think it’s worth preserving.

The downside of this is that we’re now operating two separate hosting servers and services. I’ve never asked for (or accepted) a dime in all the time I’ve been running the site. I made it for my own Warhammer-loving selfish reasons! :stuck_out_tongue: But, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had regular offers from people who wanted to contribute to bills.

Well, now there’s a place for you to do it! I was a pretty early adopter of the Patreon platform, and I’ve been using it to support a bunch of creators for my other hobby interests. I’ve always thought it was a fascinating platform, so I figured I’d start one for CDO and see what happened.

No one is under any sort of pressure to contribute, and it’s not like I’d ever take CDO offline unless I absolutely had no money (unlikely), but I did want to try out Patreon to see if it was a good fit for our community.

So I did!

Come say hi:


Hi mate,

within one or two weeks the website for the evillittlebuggers: Nominus Malus will be opened. I will donate 1,50EUR for every set sold!


Having seen these minis in the flesh now, I heartily recommend getting a set!


Also. Well played sir. The hat emoji returns haha!


Well, if that isn’t a valid patreon I don’t know what is!
Thanks for all you did and do, happy to support.


Thanks guys! Glad to have you onboard!

Haha, yeah, that old hat raised emoji is fun, haha.

I’ll have to see if I can alter the emoji set somehow to add something similar. :+1:


My support is coming! :wink:


Oh my goodness! That was very generous Zanko! Many thanks! :smiley:


I think you know that I love CDO! All these years I have been very happy to have you and your work for us and therefore donantion is more than appropriate in my experience!


Very kind of you to say. :slight_smile: It’s been a joy for me as well. :slight_smile: