Chaos Dwarf models in AOS

Hi! New member here, came from Loremaster of Sotek chanel.
Chaos Dwarfs were always my favourite faction in WFB, but I never har time/money/places to play, so I have never gone for them. Last year though i finally started my journey with Warhammer AOS, and I went for something that was imo the closest to Chorfs-KO. Just because dwarfes with advanced tech.
Now I colect all 3 duardin facrions- KO, FS and CoS, and I am waiting for the Oathbreakers. And my question is- are there any AOS Chaos Duardin models, other than LoA, the single Iron Golem and Spire Tyrant? I just want to find them somewhere and look for nice paint scheme, so when the army drops I can start painting as soon as possible haha!


Hey man, welcome! Happy to have you here!

Official GW models, not really. If you don’t mind 3rd party… there’s a lot of them. Many different styles and ranges.


Thank You for the answer! I prefere official GW, but if we will have to wait to long for official Oathbrakers… than maybe I will look forward to some 3rd party stuff :wink:

Well, there’s Russian alternatives Dwarves of fire canyon, Lost Kingdom Miniatures magmhorin Dwarves (these days they are 3d files only but there are many printers on etsy selling physical models) and more, others will soon chime in.

If you’re also interested in older models you could look at old metal big hats. Residential Miniatures broker @chitzkoi can help you find what you want at very fair prices.

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Thank You, I will look it up for sure!

@J.Durthu whilst you are waiting for oathbreakers you could also look into out of production chaos dwarfs models on the second hand market or as a cheaper option through a broker like @chitzkoi . If models are official games workshop sculpts they are game legal for “ counts as” :slight_smile:

Also - welcome mate

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I will probably look at those at some point in the future. For now I have to much KO, CoS and SCE to paint, but after that, for sure!

Are “Oathbreakers” referred any where in the lore, or is it just a fan term atm? :slight_smile:

Oh, and welcome @J.Durthu!

I think the name was leaked, from the same source that said we will have Stormcast on dragon and LOTR-like looking orks or boblins (it was wague). So up to this moment all of the leaked stuff was true. If the leak is correct allso about our glorious Chaos Duardin, they will be named Oathbrakers and will drop in about 2 years


Welcome aboard @J.Durthu ! Nice to have some faces.

I’ve just started playing 3.0 myself, loved what I played, have you played many games with your Grungi worshipping dwarfs? What’s your thoughts?

I have played like 10 battles in 2.0 (not much time and due to Civid i was not in the town i normally play in most of the time), and in 3.0 i had just 2 games. Tomorow there will be 3rd.
So firstly KO do not worship Grungi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: haha, at least not to the best of my knowledge, but in 3.0 when he returned i might be wrong.
And with the game itself, i think KO are in the middle of the meta right now. For sure not OP anymore. We have to focuss on objective play, especially taking not guarded oponent’s objectives. Imo we lost a lot of our fire power (nerved triumphts), and enemies can get a lot more tanky, especially against our rend -1 wepons.
So imo we have to focus on secondary objectives- many of those we ca not do because we for example have no mosters, fast grabing objectives and sniping enemy heroes as much as we can. Becaue tabling our oponents like we did in 2.0 si soooo much harder now.

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I believe it was the name from the leaked releases :slight_smile: