Chaos Dwarf PDF for The Old World!

Of the flying mounts, wwhich is the better choice?

…for what purpose?

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I am looking to run a 7 man (bull) unit in my game this Friday with Taur’ruk wearing the Armour of Bhezerak, the Ashen Banner and really just leaning into them.

As long as they can maintain momentum and get the charges off, I think they will pull their weight, too small of a unit and they will just hammer and stall.

I am going to need to figure out some Great Weapon Conversions for them though… they have a limited number of attacks and you really need them to make the most of them.

The Ashen Banner and T5 should discourage most people from shooting them, the Armour should keep them shielded from any debuffs…

Its a lot of points, but i think they have the weight to take advantage of the investment, even average rolls should drastically mitigate the return attacks they will have to face, if not wipe them out completely.

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I am actually really keen on the Lammasu for a character hunter, removing a characters magic weapon can defang most of them, particularily with a couple Mantles of Stone, this came up in another sub and its a really viable tactic, i just cant recall which.

Avoid enemy Heroes with Great Weapons, pour Blood of Hashut on them and hope for the best.

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Found it, its a rock solid idea!

Also very affordable in the grand scheme of things, maybe look for a magic armour to couple with the toughness boost…

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