Chitzkoi Scales The Grey Mountains 2022 [March Progress!]

Set the stage! Light the lights! Stop buying so many things!

[January Update]
Disaster has struck me.

It’s my birthday and bae has bought me a 15mm tank battalion (+10), a mess of Cold War soviet hardware (+13) and - a night goblin regiment (+16)!!

I’m gonna need a very serious February lads.

[February Update]
With the addition of some texture paint to the bases, I have put 70 models at Tabletop Standard.

These consist of:
50 BFSP Night Goblins - 32 spear and 12 bow - with two command sections.

20 Stormhobgrots - I think I’ll use these as Black Orcs.

They are not well painted but they are definitely off the list. I will go back over them more to make the ash on the bases better and tidy up some drybrush stains.

Black primer was an experiment I doubt I will repeat. It works well enough for modern night goblins which are mostly robe, but Black Templar contrast is easy to use and allows for zenithal highlighting. Ive still got 40 black primed night goblins to go but will give them a rest for now.

I did receive my Russian Alternative K’daii this month. I also got a chance to buy the Hobhound Handler for a decent price and couldn’t let that pass me by.

[March Update]

Bashed out 18 Chaos Dwarf warriors which have been on my painting table since before the Goblinning. 16 warriors and 2 heroes, who promptly got Absolutely Nothing Useful Done against Jac in my first game since 2002!

I scored a classic Doom Diver this month, in a lot of junk I promptly sold on. Big win for me to only take a +1. I’ve uninstalled eBay, that’s how serious this is.

[April update]

A storm is coming. Instead of finishing individual regiments, I have been stage-painting about 200 greenskins. When the payoff comes, it will change the game.

:arrow_up: Additions to the pile: +47
:arrow_down: Painted models: -101
:arrow_right: Total count: -54


For the glorious Chaos Dwarf army of Mourngard, I plan to paint:

1x Forge World Taur’ruk
3x Forge World Renders
6x Russian Alternative Renders
1x Statue
1x Earthshaker & crew
23x MoM Miniaturas warriors
16x Scibor warriors
20x Warriors w/shields (mixed suppliers)

12x Infernal Guard Fireglaives


For the filty Greenskin slave rabble beneath Mourngard, I plan to paint:

90x BFSP Night Goblins
Here’s 50 of them:

40x Mantic Goblins
??x '93 Hobgoblins
20x Hobgrots, inc. command
20x Stormhobgoblins w/Halberds, inc. command
There they are on the left! Not pretty, but done.

25x Sneaky Git/Plague Monk conversions, inc. command
10x classic monopose Goblin Archers
1x '93 Hobgoblin Big Boss/Khan on wolf
10x '93 Hobgoblin Wolfboyz, mixed axe and bow, inc. command
1x Gazak Khan
10x Ogla Khan’s Wolfboyz, inc. commandl


A post reserved for (mostly) human warslaves.

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A post reserved for the Astra Militarum.

A post reserved for Chaos Space Marines.

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For my Team Yankee 50 point intro list, I plan to paint:

17x T-55-AM tanks
4x BMP-1 IFVs
4x Motostrelki infantry teams
2x Shilka AA tanks
2x Gaskin SAM vehicles
3x Carnation howitzers
1x BMP-1 scout

On completion of this project, I will spread some boot polish on toast, toast it, scrape off the polish, eat the bread and presumably get so drunk I go blind.


I had a plan for an orderly 50 point list. But then I realised batch building was more efficient and I could do batch painting just as easily.

Right now on the table I have basecoated, washed and am actively drybrushing:
15x T-34s
10x Su-76s
6x Katyusha rocket launchers
4x T-70s

If I get them all done, I will then presumably drink a tall, stiff quad of vodka (the Narkomovskie 100 grams) and watch these heroes of the Soviet Union crash and burn on the Elbe. Or the Don.

In addition to these, I have primed:
6x IS-2/IS-85/IS-3s
5x ISU-122s
5x SU-85Ms

In addition to these, I have:
2x ISU-152s
31x Infantry bases
2x SU-152s
2x IL-2 Shturmoviks


Scroll to the top for my JANUARY CRISIS!


Tough luck! Damn those birthdays and the people who love us :smiley: Happy birthday though!


Good things come to those with much goblins. Looking forward to February

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Somehow for me, positive is negative and negative is positive on BATG.

Stay tuned for The Goblinning.


Marry that woman immediately.

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Oh and also a slightly belated happy birthday! :partying_face:

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Big text updates! Pics to come later when I’ve finished tidying up glaring errors but the Night Goblins have put me into a negative score at last. See top post for details.