Clams chaos dwarfs

Hi there,
I sadly started chaos dwarves too late to get to avail of clams wonderful miniatures.
Im wondering if anyone has any surplus to requirements?
I dont hold out a lot of hope as they appear to have been cast in very small numbers.

Id love 1 or preferably 2 helmed boar riders to use as characters on monsterous beasties. These appear to be the last thing he got cast. Helm armies lack mounted cds badly…

The reality is id be keen to get any of his cds as well.
I promise to post the results here :cd1980:

I guess ill have to try the assaultgroup for terribly yucky good for nothing mounted dwarves otherwise. Dont make me stoop so low!



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What can I say … who has Clam`s models to spare? I own some of his models, but unfortunately I don’t have any left. Who has enough Chaos Dwarfs? :sad: Nevertheless, I will look again in the depths of my collection to see if I can find some models …

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Figured it was a lost cause but, had to ask to remove all doubt. Obviously ill pay.

If any1 has come across suitable helm mounted chaos dwarves somewhere, please shout out

Hello Zodd, I have found 4 lancers of Clam in the abovementioned depths of my boxes and in addition, however, only 3 boars, 1 with armour and 2 with cloth cover. Would you be interested in them?

2 of the riders can be seen in the following pics:

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