Classic Bighats and Hobgobs

Hey everyone -

I have a lot of classic bighats and Hobgoblins in storage and I’m getting some sent to me to sell to another member of this esteemed board. Thought I would put it out there in case anyone wants to talk about buying some of the ones I’ve got left.

Collection includes both monsters with riders, war machines like the tenderiser and juggernaut (!!), a couple of even older helmeted items like the gatling gun and classic small mortar, and a bunch of blunderbusses, command sections and axemen. also, Astragoth.

The biggest roadblocks are the long wait for me to get this stuff sent to me from my storage unit, and that I have to ship from the UK. So, let me know.

I will always look at the latest ebay prices and then agree a rate appreciably under that.

EDIT: I should say I also have Azgorh war machines and Infernal Guard! But, the market hasn’t stabilised for these so my price logic won’t be as easy, and of course Forge World resin can be a headache.


Hey @chitzkoi - what Hobgoblins do you have? I’d be interested in a few Hobgoblin Warriors if you had any going.

I’m UK based :slight_smile:


For these fellows, I have left multiples of the Big Boss, Boss with Shield, Boss, Musician and Standard Bearer. Sadly I don’t have rank and file like that (they went a long time ago). Let me know if you want me to share pictures of those sculpts.

I do also have some Oglah Khan’s wolfboyz left, without wolves.

In the spirit of the forum, I can also recommend Battleforge’s take on these guys, and of course @tjub has some in 28mm although they aren’t really rank and file.

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Ah thanks, but I already have command sorted - I’ve got a regiment of 15 and hoping to push it up to 20 for games of 6th edition.

I’ll ask whilst I’m here then - any chance you have any Hobgoblin wolf riders (archer sculpts)? :slight_smile:

Not at the moment but I’ll put a reminder on my sheet in case I come across a source for either the infantry or the riders.

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Big hat Blunderbuss you say?

7 different sculpts, four aiming and three gun-up. Command section available to accompany, two different versions of standard (with sword or without) and musician (drum or horn)

How many Olgah Khan Wolfboyz do you have?

I will private message you!

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