Classic hobgoblins available! And a couple bighats!

After some bulk buys I’ve got some extra bighats and hobgoblins to offload!

I have 10 7 loose foot hobgoblins, 1 unopened blister of foot hobgoblins, 1 loose hobgoblin wolf riding archer, a big hat standard bearer and musician, 1 hobgoblin crew member for a bolt thrower, and 2 loose swivel guns (not big hat I know :laughing:)

^^ 7 remaining ^^

At this point I’m looking to trade but I may switch to sale later. Here’s my big list of what I’m looking for these days:

Chaos Dwarfs:

  • 𝟺̶ ̶𝚋̶𝚒̶𝚐̶𝚑̶𝚊̶𝚝̶ ̶𝚋̶𝚕̶𝚞̶𝚗̶𝚍̶𝚎̶𝚛̶𝚋̶𝚞̶𝚜̶𝚜̶𝚎̶𝚜̶ ̶(̶𝟸̶ ̶𝚠̶𝚒̶𝚝̶𝚑̶ ̶𝚐̶𝚞̶𝚗̶𝚜̶ ̶𝚍̶𝚘̶𝚠̶𝚗̶,̶ ̶𝟸̶ ̶𝚠̶𝚒̶𝚝̶𝚑̶ ̶𝚐̶𝚞̶𝚗̶𝚜̶ ̶𝚛̶𝚊̶𝚒̶𝚜̶𝚎̶𝚍̶)̶
  • Fuggit Khan’s Bazooka Team and Standard Bearer

Dark Elves


US based but willing to ship overseas for bigger trades. Hit me up if you’re interested!


Let me know if you decide to sell. I’d be interested.

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I’ll be sure to tag you!

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I might actually have the blunders. Let me look tomorrow and I’ll get back to you.

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Ah, Hobgoblins, aka Hashuts Chosen :hob02:
Well, firstly it’s cool to see that you want my bazooka team and standard bearer :+1:
And I do have an extra bazooka team available, but the rockets have paint, as in the below pic.
Sadly, even I don’t have one of my standard bearers, I never received any (lost in transit) because no doubt the European postal workers know how much I effing despise them.
Seriously, I hate all European postal and customs workers, crooks and thieves all of them.
Anyways, if you’re interested in what I have, let me know what you’re willing to swap them for.
What you see in the pic is what I have available for trade, you can pick and choose whatever bits


From the Khan himself! Awesome, I’ll PM you.

Also, my order was lost as well, otherwise I would have both these sets I’m looking for! Customs really has it out for your minis haha