Creating a Chaos Dwarfs themed Board Game

For the past couple of days, the idea of creating a cards board game has been rattling around in my head so this is what i came up with.
It’s a non-cooperative game, ideally 2-4 players 30 mins long

Players will be engaged in building their fortress as best they can, all within the same active volcano.
The winner will be the one who first reaches X victory points (TBD)

The game involves:

  1. some Fortress cards that will represent the core of the game.
    Thise cards are various areas of our fortress, (Council Chamber, Sorcerer’s Tower, Dormitories, Thieves’s Guild, Lamassu’s stable, Oxy’s Shed and so on) with various costs to play them. Those will have passive/active abilities and will be worth victory points

  2. Some encounter/incident event cards that represent the dangers and threats within the volcano (like Unstable Caverns, Lava Eruption, Earthquake, Lava flow)

  3. Tokens to keep track of accumulated resources
    (these I would like to find a way to remove, so that we have lower costs should we ever want to publish the game for real, also a change of theme will be mandatory due to IP)

Basic Gameplay:

Players will be able to play fortress cards for abilities and victory points, or discard them to obtain resources (wood, iron, stone, gold, hobgoblin) and will have to cope with mainly negative events cards drawn every turn.

  • This will see them lose resources, see parts of fortress destroyed, discard cards, and so on
  • When you see in a card things like “2S 1I 1W” it means 2 Stone, 1 Iron, 1 Wood; also 1Gold and 1 Hobgoblin

More details in the Rules at the end of this post

All this is possible to create and import into Tabletop Simulator on steam

For now I have drafted a draft of the rulebook and some Fortress and Event cards.
Any ideas and advice are welcome, I would like to be able to keep the game streamlined and fast-paced

Drive Folder (Rules + Cards)


Im already reworking a bit the resources system as i’m trying to imagine it in a production cost value of a game that will never see light xD

quick rules 0.02
removed physical token resources
removed Gold as resource

production cards will have the amount of resource printed on the card (wood iron metal hobgoblin)

Instead of discard 2 cards for earn 1 gold to use as wild resource, you can discard 2 cards from your hand to pay for each resource you dont produce

Instead of add the hobgoblin token on the card to increase production/point values.
you place the Hobgoblin card below the one you want to improve, when the hobgoblin card is below the Fortress one, it cant be used as resource.
If you wanna use it as resource, you remove the Hobgoblin card from below

Cards are being reworked
Resources are print on the card, that card will provide X of that specific resource
Removed the Gold cost

add of terminology
instead of destroing/discarding Fortress cards from play, you will Exhaust them (like TAP in magic)

exhausted cards wont provide their victory point and action/productions in the next turn
you will be able to restore (like UNTAP in magic) them in the turn after and replenish their functions
instead of adding/losing resources they will provide discounts for next buildings

EDIT placed everything under this drive folder for better reading
Drive Folder (Rules + Cards)


honestly, the conept is great. And never say never. Even if you hand make the game, I’ve got a feeling its gonna be fantastic.

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small preview on how the card start to look like

now i have to rewrite the rules with the changes i’m making, i made half playtest just to see if the engine was running, and at least it does xd


If you make this on table top simulator, I’ll gladly play test it with ya at some point

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following this link you can now take a look at the rules and primordial cards
Drive Folder (Rules + Cards)

Here a quick link to the rules
Rules v0.02

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