Currently Available Space Chaos Dwarfs?

Hi folks,

I just wanted to ask if there are currently any good Space Chaos Dwarfs available out there, ideally of the oldschool, handsculpted, mutations and evil helmets variety. Perhaps even by sculptors like Kev Adams, Bob Olley, and people of that background?

The best one I’ve been able to find so far is an old but still in production mini of Phil Lewis’s at Matchlock miniatures, but it’s just a one-off, and I’d like to get a squad of 8 or so. Still, it’s a good example of the style I’m looking for:

Phil Lewis Space Chaos Dwarf

Note: I’m specifically interested in Sci-fi Chaos Dwarfs, not good-guy squats, or genestealer dwarfs, beastmen dwarfs, etc.

If it’s not out there, I’ll kitbash something myself eventually, but I thought I’d ask the experts first.

Check out macrocosm, they do a bunch of chaos squats and have more coming
Ive painted some in my blog

I’m no expert in this department, but going by your example miniature (and if shipping from the EU is an option for you), you might also have a look at these guys.

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Thanks for the recommendations, guys. I’m glad particularly glad to hear that macrocosm have more coming in the future.

It’s a real pity that the Olley’s Armies online shop is still closed.

Macrocosm has done two Kickstarters with Chaos Dwarfs, including mutants, cultists, and units wearing power armour. One could probs use the Codex: Chaos Space Marines to create a playable force for 40k, although Stargrave is another game which could also work, as it is miniatures-line-agnostic. They look cool, although I’ve yet to start painting my own haul from their first Kickstarter and have yet to take delivery on their second.