Dark Angels - true heroes of the Imperium, definitely not Chaos... probably

Indomitus challenge

I have a race to finish 25pl with a friend, here’s my progress and what’s left to do


Getting further along with the first 25pl, this is all the part painted and painted minis


Looks great, the bases really make them pop!

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Really like the look of the deathwatch marines (that is what the white guys are?).

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Yeah looking to do a little Deathwing and Ravenwing contingent in my 50pl list

ATV up next

Pigment base before and after


Looking like the Batmobile right now :grin:

Couldn’t help but put it together before the metallics


Finished 25pl


Loved the new Dark Angels Codex release and everything that came with it

In the lead up to it I got a little overexcited about getting a Deathwing Army based around Bladeguard Veterans, planning out a little narrative in my head too and even picked some stuff up early before the book came…

…then the book came and I’d realised I’d made some assumptions about Bladeguard, as the Termie squads were getting Objective secured special rule I’d thought the Bladeguard would too but nope. So I had a really cool little list that had little to no way of actually scoring any points in a game :man_facepalming:t2:
A bit of a let down but I’m still going to do something with that Deathwing contingent, for now though needed to write a new list for Crusade to get playing when we are finally free from this lockdown.
I got myself a well-rounded list with a bit of everything in there, fast attack, elites and some good old heavy support… unfortunately though it meant I also ended up with a few more minis to BATG though it is mainly made of minis I already owned so at least the purchases are minimal (Just one Librarian to be added)

Hidden in there is a MKIII tactical unit I couldn’t help but start on…


Looking great @GhraskDragh

Always love your gritty and realistic painting style. Makes the space marines look like hardened warriors you wouldn’t want to mess with! All too often they look like power rangers haha. Great stuff mate.

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Thanks @Oxymandias

I’ve been been doing a bit of work on these guys, more on the way for the Deathwing…