Dedleds Slow build Dwarves, First dwarf done 9/1/22

I finally signed up to the discourse after lurking on the old Forums for years.

Chaos Dwarves have always been a project I wanted to work on but for one reason or another never got around to it.

I’d like to make each mini 1 at a time and follow them throught to completion before I start the next one. Working on my sculpting and painting along the way. I’ll shoot for a grimmer take on the vintage Oldhammer look, hopefully I can pull it off.

Yesterday I started the first soldier for my army, a Berserker. Still a long way to go obviously. The base model is a Fyreslayer Hearthguard that Ive tried to change the proportions on a little bit.

Oh yer, theres going to be some full frontal dwarf nudity going on up in here.

Thanks for stopping by.


Welcome! I’m glad you’ve decided to post! Very delicate sculpting skills on display here. And that hat-helm is sure to please many folk.

Excited to see more


Wow, that’s a very ambitious project! I really hope you see it trough!

I like the style so far!

Very happy you went from lurker to active, wel one to the fray.


Welcome to the forum, great that you decided to join! Very impressive anatomical sculpting. I also really like the style of the conversion so far, the basic shape of that hat/helmet already looks very promising (@Reaver you’re right mate :hatoff:). I’m looking forward to seeing more of this project!


Welcome to the forum Dedled. Excellent sculpting there, those feet are particularly impressive. Can’t wait to see more of this project.


Wow the hat helm is really nice. The feet! Great skills.


Exquisite sculpting there! Welcome aboard. This looks to be a log to savour.


Great work!


Wow, some great sculpting on display here! Great job, and welcome!


Thanks all for the kind words.

I finished the sculpting off today and plan to give him a spray tomorrow and get stuck into the painting.

If anyones interested heres a parts breakdown;

Helmet is a Perry miniatures Knight helm with a 3d printed funnel on top.

Body and axe haft are both from the Fyreslayers Hearthguard kit.

The arms are from the wildman beasthunter Warcry kit, I can’t remember the exact name.

I’m trying to mess wIth the scale a bit which is why I changed the arms and resculpted the feet.



Well, first one down. I last minute decided to add some extra detailing to the helmet with some plasticard and greenstuff. I got rid of the eyeholes in the helmet just to add a bit more weird to him.

I was also tossing up how to paint them, either pale dirty and grimdark, or a more traditional flesh colour with a flashy hat…the flashy hat won out.

Grazboroth Matan, Dawi-Zharr Berserker priest.
Working themselves into a frenzy through ritual chanting and incense burning the Berserker priests don full face helmets and rely on heightened senses that only true devotion to Hashut can provide.

Time to start building the next one.



Great model and really impressive work! :hatoff:

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You forgot some quotes :rofl:

Impressive “work” is what you meant, right?

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Worryingly good sculpting and painting there. Would be terrifying to face, particularly for gnoblars.


Love the intent you put into his actions with the midstride sculpt. Very dynamic! Impressive display of anatomy and movement. Let alone great putty work. If I saw a group of those guys barreling towards me I think I’d throw my weapons and run away!


Thanks mate, yer the hardest bit is probably getting the flow of movement right, its really obvious on a skyclad mini if it isn’t right


Sky clad ? What a nice euphemism!

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Treated myself to a bit of history. Picked it up for a good price and its in perfect condition.

I’ve started the next Berserker, at this stage I’m thinking I’ll do 5, then do up a scenic base for them and use them as regular Bull centaurs. I’d like to use them as Berserkers, but theres no way Ill be able to maintain the rage sculpting feet and junk for long enough to get 10 done. Plus having 5 on a big base could be a cool centrepiece.



Alright, next one built and ready to slap some paint on, I went with a more traditional hat on this bloke. Really enjoying coming up with ideas for hat and beard ornamentation.




Nice work again! From my slow sculpting perspective seems like you cranked that second one out in short order. Soon there will be legions of them!