Dreadquake mortar ToW

Anyone who has looked at the CD old world book…

Why does it state base size n/a…any ideas thanks


Yes, that means the Dreadquake Mortar doesn’t have/need a base.

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The largest base size that is approved for TOW is 100x150mm. The Dreadquake won’t fit on that, so they chose to leave off the base completely. In AOS it had a recommended size of 60x200mm.


I’m not sure I understand. My dreadquake mortar could have easily fit on a 100x150 :laughing:



If you build it with separately turnable wheel sections, you’ll need two bases anyway.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to convert/use my classic earthshaker mortar for use in TOW as a dread quake mortar. It’s been a mental challenge for sure. I love that old earthshaker model, but the dread quake is so huge…

Get a similar sized model train flat rail car and begin eviling it up. Then put your Earthshaker on that.


The consensus on base size for the Dreadquake back in 8th was 100x60 (barrel facing the broad side of the base), that’s what I’m going with for TOld World. That’s without the steam carriage, mind you, otherwise it was 200x60 (!)

Then I’ll need 3*25 guys and a 50mm base for the ogre??? That I actually didn’t think about, since I’m yet to figure out which ogre I’d like to use (and procure it)

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i used 40mm for the ogre, since it’s size was unmentioned and normal ogres have 40

ill just place my earthshaker on 100x60 if that was the size of it’s time

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Does anyone have a picture of the two cannons next to each other?

heres my quick photoshop job of what I was thinking for the ogre loader from the mordheim ogre would be a easy conversion. Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 7.40.43 pm


There is a great ogre loader by a guy called max, that resembles Fabelzel. That is the one I use



That’s awesome! Judging from the amount of shells, you have an optimistic estimation of how many times you get to fire it during game :laughing:

I think the Mordheim ogre looks a bit too “Empire” imo. I’m thinking that the ogre loader is a chaos ogre. Enslaved, but with a modicum of intelligence, so as to be trusted with the high explosives.

I’m rushing to get my guys ready for a tournament in April and hopefully some learning games before that, so I’ll probably just borrow an ogre and paint it in my color scheme.


Of course! Counting the shell carried by the two dwarves, there are 5 shells in total.

Of course my opponent will let me shoot it 5 times!

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Aren’t war machine crew in TOW considered to be entirely within the base size given for war machines? So you wouldn’t need extra bases for them unless you want to move them around for other editions.

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Yes, bases for war machine crew are superfluous. E.g. I have mine on round bases and will leave them like this.

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yup, i just spaced them around the cannon for an approxmate size

I see. I haven’t actually gotten around to reading the rules start to finish, since I only have cough a PDF :roll_eyes: But only cause I am not able to get a real book! The Dreadquake has the weird N/A base size, but the shrieker rocket, for instance has base sizes for the crew

According to the rules about basing war machines you’re absolutely correct though - the crew’s bases have pretty much zero impact on actual gameplay except for use as wound markers.

I think I’ll still do 25mm for dwarf crews and 40mm for the ogrus.

@Drexxl The rules do state however, for some reason, that the crew must be in base contact with the machine at all times. Seems weird, but that’s what it says: