Dwerrow Zharr -17 March - More Warriors

For the Slave Ogres - don’t forget Yetti exist in the Warhammer world; you could have those instead of Ogres to fir your icy theme. :wink:

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Pretty cool, Or dwarfs riding on snow trolls backs

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Awesome ideas gents - keep them coming. I’ve got a starting point with this project but no set end point so very open to ideas and suggestions

Bit more building today.

I’ve totally stolen @Zoddtheimmortal ’s idea with chaos warrior helms on chaos dwarfs to add some more variety. I felt more variety I added to the units the more chaotic they looked.

By using historical and LOTR minis to bulk out the bodies of these models, I managed to squeeze 80 models out of the 60 that I’d purchased.

This is a unit of 20 black souls

A unit of 20 decimators (I know this unit is typically armed with guns but in my fluff they use poison arrows to account for them hitting harder )

And then I have a massive unit of 40 black souls

I tried to make the decimators look a little more ranger like, imagining them the dwarfs that go out in the wilderness and hunt wild beasts etc. So I’ve favoured cloth caps and hoods for them. The black souls are more often helmeted or wearing hats made from orc skulls.

Here are some close ups of the models at the moment

These still have some work to do before they are done. Putty is in the post. I will be adding furs to some of their armour to sell the “frozen wastes” look. Some will also be getting beard extensions. Multi part kits often result in shorter beards and If i extend some it will again add more variety. Plus the models with chaos warriors helmets will look more chaos dwarfy with a bit of beard extending below their helms.

Really happy with this so far!

The only issue is…I set my creed to hats when I first joined…there’s a lots of helmeted dwarfs here…I’m having a crisis of identity guys haha.


Well some of them are wearing skulls as caps. :wink:

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I often cheat with the beard sculpting and cut bits of beard from dwarf heads on sprues. The old gw ones with seperate legs torsos heads and arms are great for this. You are building these like a machine! So fast!..
Your army will be finished in a couple of weeks at this rate.

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Oh nice. There’s so many spare heads from
This oathmark kit I reckon
I can at least do some using this method. Appreciate the tip!

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I think a mammoth (similar to this model) would look good on your army! :anvil:


Oh my Hashut yes @Zanko !!! Exactly what I’d be after

Here ist the link!
It costs 50 £, the comparable model from Mierce Miniatures 300 £. So (even if it is not as modern and somewhat static) it is still a brilliant price/performance ratio.


That’s definitely being saved for future purchase @Zanko - cheers man

Getting so many ideas and inspiration from the community on this project.

Now I may love you all dearly…but my bank account doesn’t :joy::joy::joy:

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Had a thought regarding ranged war machines. What about one cannon. Just one. Some incredibly old relic they occasionally wheel out and it’s a big deal when they do. They could treat it with and almost religious respect. …:thinking:

Alternative idea for a mammoth - get a second hand LotR Mumak and skin an old teddy bear for its fur. ;p

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This is so dark hahah :see_no_evil:

But so fitting for evil dwarfs. :wink:

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I find the AssCannon from Old School Miniatures more than suitable for your project. The cannon does not look too modern and because the demon is bound, it will be able to survive for centuries without damage. :chaos2:

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Very good point @Zanko

@Zanko I’ve written daemon cannons into their lore now. Edited above “Dwerrow Zharr and Daemons “

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Putty arrived.

Started sculpting some fur and beards. Not even half done yet but I need a break though haha.

I think it works and helps sell the fact that these are in fact chaos dwarfs.


I’d recommend also doing some fur at the wrists to imply fur lined shirts. :wink:

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