Dwerrow Zharr -28th July - Petrified Sorcerer!

Would be an epic match up. (I’d insist on 28mm versus 15mm though haha)

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Work in progress chaos dwarf with flame thrower. Probably part of a multi base “counts as” magma cannon :slight_smile:


As an idea for a low-tech-themed magma cannon, I like it very much!


20 more warriors take to the field!


Good to see mantics abysmal dwarfs get some love. They look great. Very atmospheric photos

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The idea with the “Magma Cannon” is really ingenious, I would never have thought of it! I look forward to seeing the finished result. :metal:


Today I finished a petrified sorcerer unit filler (who will serve as a special character in a narrative event I have coming up) and a token for deathshrieker rockets.


How much of this ISNT hand sculpted. It ALL looks like custom! Excellent work! The smoke trail on that mortar round…is that translucent or am i just sleep deprived?

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very little hand sculpting. :slight_smile:

The smoke is from an ogre model with a cannon a mate printed for me ages ago. The rocket itself is an imperial guard mortar. So no sculpt there- just out bash.

The frozen sorcerer is a member of the old school minis cannon crew painted like ice with sculpted icicles on him and the shield. The shield is from a chaos warrior. The goblins are from the hobbit with arms slightly repositioned to hold the shield up.

The paint on the rocket trail could not be easier. It’s tesseract glow going into ork flesh going into black. It’s then flecked with white and yellow to give it some variety. The only hard big was painting the checks on the rocket. It’s tiny!


Aweome thread! How could I’ve missed it? :heart_eyes:

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late to the party but this is so cool!

EDIT: and i love the rocket marker! very cool!