EvilFuzzyDoom in "Clear that backlog!" [BATG 2022] - Two hundredth model!

Here’s a take -

If you bought them for the arms, use them on the flagellants, then dispose of the rest of the box to a friend or customer, I would say - don’t count them.

If you keep the torsos etc. and plan to paint them later, count them now.

The above logic hits at the spirit of BATG. Did your backlog of grey minis unready to play grow or shrink? If you keep them, it grows. If you dispose/sell, it didn’t grow.

Thanks @Reaver and @chitzkoi - I feel like the Skitarii aren’t going in The Pile, so I’ll leave them off the count. If I get excited about painting them, I’ll add them to the count then. In that vein, I’ll also take the Brimstone Horrors from May off the pile, since they were never going to be more than bitz.

That will put me at -5 for this update so far.

I’ll leave HeroQuest on the count, though, because taking it off feels wrong, somehow. Maybe it’s just because it’s had such a big effect on my work ethic this year. Plus I might still paint them, who knows?

Meanwhile, I received a Praetor in the mail today and put him together. He joins the MKVI marines I’ve assembled (though they are waiting for shoulders & heads to arrive in the mail), and an Apothecary I cobbled together out of some marines I had resigned to storage.

That makes it -4.

Then some old Night Goblin Fanatics arrived, that I’d grabbed because they were such a good deal. Oh, and some made-to-order Underworlds warbands appeared: Zarbag’s Gitz; The Wurmspat; and the Grymwatch.

That’s 21 more models added, for +17.

So with all that, here’s where the scores stand:

BATG score: 23 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -103 :white_check_mark:


I agree with you on the brimstones. Ive seen that app before but what is it? Tracking things through an app appeals to me

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The app is Figure Case by Warganiser, it’s an iPhone app. It’s FANTASTIC and I can’t recommend it enough if you have an iPhone.

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It’s all packed away for the moment but I received several bitz orders over the last week or so.

Going into the Pile of Grey is 20 Flagellants and 10 space marine bodies to be turned into a Sons of Horus Despoiler Squad, once some more bitz arrive.

:confused: I need a build and undercoat day!

BATG score: 53 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -73 :white_check_mark:

A flurry of packages have arrived at my place over the last week or so, mostly to do with Sons of Horus.

Included within were 10 Assault Marines to be turned into Despoilers, and five Justaerin terminators from Forgeworld:

I’m still waiting on a few more bits before I can fully build that lot (sigh!) but some heads arrived that I got printed by a local, and I decided they were good enough to slap on my tactical squad:

Also, I decided that I’d risk rattle can primer in the cold and primed, painted and based one in an afternoon:

He’s a bit more storm cloud than sea green, a change from my proof of concept mini, but I’ve just fallen in love with the more-pale colour schemes going around.

Plus, if I didn’t, he’d just be in my Chaos Dwarf colours :joy: (I really do love me some emerald green, though)

So, uh, scores… that’s ONE painted and removed from the pile, and FIFTEEN added to the pile :cold_sweat: for a net of +14.

Gotta get those undercoating muscles moving again!

BATG score: 67 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -59 :white_check_mark:


Undercoated a pile of stuff today:

  • Kragnos
  • 6 Conscripts/Handgunners
  • 5 Zombies
  • 5 Skeletons
  • 5 Dire Wolves
  • A Necromancer
  • A Wight King
  • 3 Thugs/Dregs
  • A Knight of Shrouds
  • An Executioner
  • A Cairn Wraith
  • 2 Aleguzzler Gargants
  • 4 Sons of Horus tactical marines
  • An Apothecary
  • The Gatorman Barnabus0 model I bought earlier this year

As much as the airbrush undercoat gives an excellent finish in any weather, it takes FOREVER. This lot was three hours’ work doing the black and a zenithal grey/white, and I’ve bent my airbrush tip at some point so it shoots wildly off centre, and it clogs up a heap etc etc. The price of these results is high!

No movement on the official scores, but here’s the overall picture:


I took today off work (legitimately, I didn’t fake a sick day) with the idea of relaxing and getting some painting done. I had a lovely morning of lounging and then set down to work after lunch. I got a bunch done!

First off the rank was finishing up four more Sons of Horus marines:

I’ve been working on them slowly since my last update. I had to redo their base colour because they looked really different from the test model, despite using the same steps - I think that a slightly different primer texture was the main culprit. Nevertheless, with some futzing I got them to look almost the same, which I decided was good enough, and had them ready for metallics, details and basing today. While I was waiting for the Astrogranite Debris to set, I looked around for something else to paint…

And I picked up the Undead I’d put together for Mordheim/WHSkirmish:

I decided I wanted to do an all-over wash to start each unit, so the Skeletons and humans got Agrax Earthshade, the Zombies got Targor Rageshade (my favourite new shade), and some Dire Wolves got Berzerker Bloodshade. I didn’t finished the wolves today.

I blitzed the Skeletons, and then threw Black Legion on their bases. Then I checked the Sons of Horus’ bases, which were set enough for a coat of Targor Rageshade. While I waited for that to dry, I got set on the Zombies:

These were a bit more fiddly than the Skeletons, but still used the same approach: zenithal prime, all-over wash, drybrush Wraithbone, throw on some contrast and metallics, then pick out details.

By the time these were done I could finally go back and finish all the bases!

The total for this day’s work is 14 models done, and I have 10 more models started and sitting on the workbench for next session!

Here’s where the scores now sit:

BATG score: 53 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -73 :white_check_mark:


Ten more Heresy Tactical marines arrived in the mail.


BATG score: 63 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -63 :white_check_mark:


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I didn’t do a full update for thenTactical marines because I figured I’d get these guys done sooner or later:

Five Undead good bois, painted up using mostly contrast and washes.

And three thugs/dregs, done in mostly the same fashion.

So that’s eight models done today. I’ll need to do some more undercoating soon!

BATG score: 55 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -71 :white_check_mark:


I painted up my Sons of Horus Apothecary, mainly because it was undercoated and on my desk!

I’ve never liked the all-white look for Apothecaries, and I wanted to try out my Sons of Horus green a bit more; so went with a reversal of the modern theme. Hooray for doing whatever in Heresy.

A very small update:

BATG score: 54 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -72 :white_check_mark:


Today’s update will be told pictorially:


(I am bad at getting vehicles painted)

Five Effort on my tracking but it still only counts as one for the BATG!

BATG score: 55 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -71 :white_check_mark:


Okay. Okay okay. Okay.

I painted some vehicles. It kinda sucked. I need a method that both isn’t “do stuff then dump wash all over the top” but also meshes well with all my guard which DO use that painting method.

(These barely fit in my lightbox!)

This results in a lot of fiddly crap, but on the other hand: I’ve painted three Chimeras. That’s not only three more than I had painted before, but more than doubled my painted tank count for my Imperial Guard (ouch!).

Also I painted up the Wight King model to accompany my odd little Mordheim/skirmish warband. Still not actually sure what they’re for, but I have them. I like the model, so who cares what it’s for!

For the Figure Case tracking, each of the Chimeras is 5 effort, so this is 16 effort painted and 4 figures for BATG/Shame Golf:

BATG score: 51 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -75 :white_check_mark:


I’ve just realised I’m 5 models away from two hundred models painted this year (!)

What should I paint for model #200?



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Chaos Dwarfs! :wink:


Well, I’m still considering what to paint for model number 200, but I had a Necromancer and Cairn Wraith on my painting table so I knocked them out with mostly contrast paints.

The Necromancer is in very dark colours, so the exposure is cranked up pretty high in these pictures. Targor Rageshade is the hero here, serving as the base for the skin. I think it’s my new favourite shade paint.

For the Cairn Wraith I wanted to try out Briar Queen Chill and see how it compares to Nihilakh Oxide as a base for a Nighthaunt scheme. It’s too different to integrate into my existing scheme, so Mr Wraith just gets to be an odd outlier, or maybe live with my Mordheim/Skirmish dudes.

That’s 2 more models, putting me at 197. Three more to go until two hundred! Still taking suggestions for #200!

BATG score: 49 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -77 :white_check_mark:


Great work on those Sons of Horus, I’ll echo @bas_2312 and say Sicaran… unless you have a character :thinking:

Congrats and getting so close to 200 :beer:

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Models 198 and 199 are done!

Model number 198 is a Nighthaunt Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed! Nothing special went into this fella, he’s just Nihilakh Oxide over a light grey base, drybrushed all over with Ulthuan Grey, then picked out the details.

He was a bit more of a hassle to paint than the smaller Nighthaunt models, since there’s more overlapping parts to snake a brush behind, but all the techniques are the same as the smaller models. If I fee fruity, I might go back and pick out some shades and highlights to pump up the contrast, but I didn’t feel the need today (he’s not in any of my conceptual lists anyway).

Completed model number 199 for the year is an Astropath that I’ve had sort of hanging around my painting desk since early April, I’m not sure why but it’s just demanded paint for a little while.

The undercoat is doing most of the heavy lifting here, I used a zenithal prime, then washed it black and drybrushed Grey Seer on to get a really lovely value sketch, then hit everything with contrast paints. Targor Rageshade is doing some work again to give a nice pale skin tone with Reikland Fleshshade. The only layer paint I used was some Gauss Blaster Green to pick out some edge highlights on the cloak.

That’s two more painted and 3 effort for the Figure Case. Now to decide what to do for number 200! I have a few special ideas, but haven’t picked yet.

BATG score: 47 :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Shame Golf score: -79 :white_check_mark:


Ooh that Astropath is such a cool model! Nice paintjob :slight_smile:

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