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Hi all, just a quick update to say that I’m not dead, I just had to take a break from sitting on chairs while I had some surgery and recover. The Irondrake conversions are still on my painting table, they just need a few hours’ detail work to finish off the last 5 - which I can’t do at the moment.

I have had some time to get some assembling done - I built my pile of 20 Hobgrotz (AND I’M NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN), did a test-run of a Chaos Hammerer, converted some Freeguild Crossbowmen made out of Necromunda Cawdor, built the Krieg from Kill Team Octarius, made some models for Turnip28, and quite possibly some other things I’ve forgotten about.

Maybe I should start a non-Dawi blog too…


Loving the mace wielder. Hope recovery is going well. Glad to see you back to posting!

You could join @MichaelX, myself, and others in a battle against the grey style blog for 2022, just around the corner! I think it’s been a good way for me to share non chorf work and (hopefully) whittle my backlog. I’m sure people here would enjoy other conversions and painting of yours.

I’m interested in your cawdor usage. It’s a nice looking box with lots of uses I think


That’s a fantastic idea! I’d love to.
I’ll shoot you a PM on Discord :smiley:


Small update!

Painted two more of the Chaos Irondrakes (no pics, sorry!) and I got some things from Mrs ‘Doom for Christmas:

Inspired by a few conversions I’ve seen going around, I’m planning to give Teclis’ mate Celennar some plastic surgery and pop a converted Sorcerer on his back. I’m still not 100% sure I want to follow through with it (I do quite like the Lumineth models…) but I’ve got the parts I want to use for the rider: a Chaos Knight head, Archaon’s saddle and a Cogsmith.

First thing will be figuring out how to sculpt sitting legs for the Sorcerer! No wait, I’ll first have to see if the saddle fits! On no, to do that I need to put together Celennar…


Very good conversions! Nice colour scheme as well. It’s growing into a neat army indeed. Looking forward to this big monster makeover!


Thanks Admiral!

No updates on the Lammasu yet, but I got some painting done over the extended holiday weekend.

I managed to finish off my Chaos Irondrakes (FINALLY), and I painted up my Sorcerer-Prophet.

I’m pretty happy with both, in particular the experimental underlit smoke on the Prophet’s staff (I think it doesn’t show up well in the photos, sadly).

I’m super glad that I managed two units and a hero before the end of the year, too. At last I can post an updated family portrait!

I’m super looking forward to tracking my progress reducing my backlog of unpainted (and unassembled!) miniatures next year. I have something like 1200 unpainted models(!), but fortunately the Chaos Dwarf pile isn’t too big:

… It could be worse, right?


First model built for 2022 is the Lammasu!

Chaos Dwarf’d Teclis! Checlis?

I swapped Celennar’s head for one from the Warcry Mind Sphiranx (still needs some sculpting around the neck). The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer isn’t finished, but he’s based off a Cogsmith with a head from the new Chaos Knight unit leader (from the Start Collecting box). I need to sculpt a beard for him, add some kind of back banner, and give him a more suitable weapon.

I was originally going to put the Lammasu on an oval base and have the dwarf riding it, but my saddle plans fell through (Archaon’s saddle is HUGE) and building a new base doesn’t seem like something I can really justify when this is already the most expensive model I’ve ever built by about 70%!

Since I’m planning to use the Chaos Dwarfs as Cities of Sigmar, I guess I can run Checlis as Teclis in a Settler’s Gain force, or as something else in friendly games where the larger base size won’t be a problem.

What is a problem is that the whole thing is about three millimeters too tall for my planned transport solution (magnetic boxes). Either I lower the tactical rubble a bit or I need to spend some money on some custom foam.


Oof, what a model! Fantastic conversion, love it!


Wow this is an incredible job you’ve done here so far.

Love that conversion, suitably evil version of whatever that creature was to start :hatoff:

Looking forward to seeing that Sorcerer all bearded up. What a cool idea put him on a floating rock :clap:t2:

This is going to be an incredible army when it’s painting together, can’t wait to see an army shot of the whole thing.

3mm is so tantalisingly close isn’t it :grimacing: it would be tempting to try and sand a few things down but also scary on a mini like this


Beautiful conversion. Really like the head swap! Looking forward to seeing your progress. With only 1,200 models to go, I expect to see you finish everything this year! :cd1991: :smiley:


Wow, so much to gape and awe at here! The use you put the sphinx to is pretty ingenious, and the smoking prophet is amazingly well designed!


Thanks so much for the support everyone! Your praise means a lot - I too am excited to see what everything looks like painted, but alas, I am the person who has to do it!

Speaking of painting, I had a few hours to do some today and decided I wanted to get a model done. I picked the easiest, already-undercoated model I had to hand, which happened to be a Chaos Dwarf from the Warcry Iron Golems set.

I picked him up with the idea of using him as an allied Fyreslayer (I’m still planning to run this army as a “City of Sigmar” proxy force) but have warned to the notion of just having a spare hero model sitting around for whatever purpose I need it for. I did no converting, it’s just an official GW Chaos Dwarf!

Something weird was going on with my Sybarite Green, so the highlights are a little chalky, but I’m very happy with everything else. I’ll do a cleanup pass if I find the time and/or motivation.

It’s certainly a good first model for the year.


That Lammasu and character is a really cool conversion! Really like the use of parts. :slight_smile:

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The models on this thread are some of the best original kitbashes I’ve ever seen. Always quality content here


Very small update:

Just some undercoated hobgrots and a Bull centaur. Zenithal highlight for the hobgrots, black undercoat for the Bull centaur.


I finished my first of 20 Hobgrots following Darcy Bono’s skin idea: Gryph-Charger Grey over Ionrach Skin (I used Deepkin Flesh as the final highlight, though).

I feel a bit weird giving a chaff unit purple tassels (such wealth!), but I think the model demands a red there and I’m really trying to keep the colour palette cool, so I used Skavenblight Dinge, Slaanesh Grey and a wash of Carroburg Crimson over the top for a red that doesn’t have too much heat to it.


Personally, I am not a huge fan of the new grots, but you made the absolute most out of this one! I think the skin tone, shading and highlights all work very well!


I painted two more Hobgrots over the weekend.

They look great but - and I don’t know whether it’s the sculpts or the colour scheme I’ve picked - but these guys are proving to be a hard slog. I’m really wishing I’d built them all with bare heads, because the heads in particular are proving very finicky.

It may also be because I’m VERY TIRED at the moment but for whatever reason the Hobgrot Slittaz have just been a bit rough at each stage of the process. I’m confident that I won’t be getting more after these 20 are done.


I had two pretty big hobby sessions this weekend, but mostly modelling rather than painting. And, not much of it was Chaos Dwarf related.

However, I put down some basecoat colours on the next 7 Hobgrots (I figure, maybe if I just block in the base layers the rest will feel faster?):

Once I’ve figured out how to make painting these not suck, I’ll put together a full tutorial.

Also, I did some assembly & modelling for the Dwarfs with 2-handed weapons (who I’ll end up using as Longbeards or Hammerers):

I enjoyed sculpting the beard very much. I don’t know why I keep putting off greenstuff work! It turns out, I can probably get away with sculpting the beard before putting the arms on (especially if I set the heads back a little), so that will be the next modelling task, I think - something to put the project back on track and distract from these damn Hobgrots!

Other stuff was all non-CD-related so will be covered in my BATG 2022 thread.


Nice update,

Are they the arms from the old marauder sprue?

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