Exo armoured and steam powered dwarves

On the squat facebook forum a guy has talked bob olley into getting his exo armoured and steam powered dwarves cast again. They were 1st released on kickstarter 2yrs ago.

I fancied the steam powered armoured dwarves for my chaos dwarves, so id thought id mention it here as it might be a 1 time only deal.

Basically you have to pay 10% of the price by paypal to register your interest. Sadly i have no idea to put the links on here from my phone.

Bob olleys exo armour dwarfs.
Ive paid my 10% at any rate…if you are interested it might be best to join the squat forum on facebook

Here @Zoddtheimmortal

image image image

(I assume this is right haha)


Yep cheers. Thats them

For uk at least its ÂŁ33 for a set of 5 or ÂŁ65 for a set of all 10. But this may vary a little from the 2018/19 price.

Maybe good proxies for those kdaii fire demon thingies if you arent into fire …or stone thingies…

I blame whoever did that exo-armour chaos dwarf in that goldenhat competition for this infatuation!

Hmm… interesting… as if I don’t already have too many CD related models… too expensive hobbies these days…

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