Feb 18 GW Rumor Engine

Ok, so this is a wild one. But saw it on FB, and while I dont read that much into it myself there might be a straw to hole on to if you want…

Someone mentioned that this image share similar aesthetic to some of the “old school pre hat” Chaos Dwarves.


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Cool! Or it’s a Slaves to Darkness shield. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh isn’t great to think :grin: that’s almost exactly like the face on those old warmachines, Slaves to Darkness is the best bet I’d say… but it’s nice to think it’s new plastic Chaos Dwarfs :crossed_fingers:t2:

@Xander and @GhraskDragh, jupp. I agree, most likely some late character for StD or similar. Just thought it was a cool “what if”. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the old Man Mangler for Orcs n’ Goblins.

I’m still hoping regular Orcs make a comeback. Not keen on the Ironjawz, they’ve no sense of humour.

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