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You’re being too hard on yourself. Besides, don’t compare yourself to pro painters, that’s just setting yourself up to feel bad about things.

Leave it as is, and over the next few years try doing a star field on other minis now and again. In a couple of years you’ll look at your latest effort then back at this one and feel good about how far you’ve gone in that time.


Very nice starry sky orb! You did good. And in the future I’m sure you’ll be able to do even better, but just so you know: That’s a nice paintjob to be content with and not some botched failure to be unhappy with. Keep on trucking, everyone improves over time and that is not shabby at all. Love your colourful paintjobs, by the way! :16:

I wouldn’t repaint it anytime soon if I were in your shoes.


Thanks for sharing this, it’s something all of us feel but don’t always share so your definitely not on your own with this and I think it’s good you posted that here rather just the stuff your happy with :21:

There are very few things that are right or wrong in this hobby and art in general but thinking that there is nothing more to learn is definitely wrong, so the fact you’ve nailed the basics and are now ready to learn other things just means your on the right path.

It’s seems to be a unfortunate human trait that we compare ourselves at our self seeming worse to others at their best (I know you mentioned you are not comparing yourself to the pros but I do on too regular a basis :unamused:) so the best advice I can give is that it’s ok your not happy with, it proves you care about this stuff and enjoy it because your invested in it and that very few things ever work out on the first try for anybody at any level.

So by all means try again fully aware that it may not work that time either remembering that it didn’t for the guy/gal who wrote that tutorial either, they had to keep on trying again too.

This is the wonderful, awful, pain in the ass and glorious hobby we are in :grin::+1:t2:


I have been painting since 1986 and would consider myself a worse painter than you. I would not even think of wanting to perform such delicate work.
With your ambition and today’s means (paints, brushes, tutorials, Internet) you will soon become even better than you already are!

Thanks for the kind words all. I’ve had my sulk and moan and gotten over things now.

For the most part I usually don’t. I follow some really great painters on instagram, occasionally I get painting envy (particularly with Tom Young’s and Jarek Westermarks Chaos Dwarfs! :sweat_smile: ) but generally I’m happy with my own level given the models I paint and what I want to achieve with them.

Thanks man, the star orb is well off the mark of what I originally wanted to achieve, but I’m kinda content with it for now. A change of heart I guess, mentally I was beating myself up the other day when I was really unhappy with it. Now, even though it isn’t what I had in mind, I’m alright enough with it. Funny how things change isn’t it?

This is something I’m trying to do more of. There’s been several times over the span of my hobby time where I’ve had a “painting crisis” - like I said above, I’ve been painting for about 4 years now, and in that time I’ve not really learnt any techniques at all, or tried anything new. I have to paint models 1 by 1, its the way I work, so in those 4 years I’ve done nothing except my chaos dwarfs - Its a long, slow process, but its been thoroughly enjoyable. That said, I’ve not done anything new in that time, I’ve not learnt any new techniques or gone out of my comfort zone, and sometimes it gets to me you know?

I’m not so far off finishing this Chaos Dwarf army of mine, give it a few months more hopefully. After that I have a bunch of “special” models I’d like to have as display pieces for my pc desk: Gotrek and Felix, Joseph Bugman, Fenbeast + Dark Emissary + Truthsayer from Albion etc. I’ll see what I do with those…

I wouldn’t say your “worse” by any stretch dude! I remember seeing your warriors with the Bezhuk model on the tempest and thinking how awesome they all were!


With all that said, here is the finished Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on Lammasu! I’m pretty happy with it overall, its been a bit of a “journey” painting him. I actually painted the Lammasu itself maybe 2 years ago now? I spent ages on the face given its such a focal point of the model and at the time I was really happy with it. Now I look at it and in future might try sharpen it up a bit more and give it some more definition. I’m still happy with the white hair and fur - I wish I could remember exactly how I painted that aha. The rest of the body, particularly the wings, is a little basic but I don’t mind it so much.

The sorcerer mount I made an attempt at painting again about 2 years ago, but I really struggled with it. Originally I had the robes painted blue rather than red, but at the time I felt it became a bit too messy and clumpy, and ended up just stripping it and leaving it in my paint pile. Now I got to a point in the army where finishing the model would be the next logical step for gaming, I had another go. I’m really happy with the way the blues and yellows turned out and think they have quite a pop. The red robes I did struggle a bit with, particularly with mainting the definition on the model, but I think it works. The skin tone is very basic (P3 Midlund Flesh + P3 Flesh ink, repeated) but thats the same for all my CDs. Classic paper banners look nice, and overall I think it sits well in my army theme!

A close up of the star orb. A few days ago I was feeling really deflated and angry, it was nothing like that I wanted to achieve and it really upset me that I couldn’t do it. I wanted it to be the best it could be, and I couldn’t do it. My hands and knowledge and skills just aren’t up to the level of what I wanted that particular bit to be, and even after a few comments from people I was a bit :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: - I ended up adding little specks of silver, and then just washing it again with a blue glaze. I look at it now and think “it doesn’t look amazing, but it doesn’t look too bad either” - if a stranger were to look at it and say it reminds them of a night starry sky, I’d settle for that aha.

I’m really looking forward to trying him in a game. I’m still a complete noob to playing actual games, in both the 6th edition games I’ve played I’ve fielded a lvl 2 sorcerer and really enjoyed that dynamic, so now being able to field a lvl 4 sorcerer will expand on that!

Praise Hashut! Father of Darkness!


This dude looks awesome, like especially the paint scheme of the Lammasu! :+1:

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Beautiful lammasu - great work

Im far from a good painter, but my painting has improved for sure over the years. If i could give any good advice itd be this. (Just remember im a very experienced beginner- nothing more)
1.Attach sand to base prior to spraying model black. Seals it nicely
2.drybrush bases in bulk before you start painting models.
3.touch up areas missed by spray with black. Every nook and crevice needs to be covered.
4.basecoat everything in slightly darker colours thinly than you want the final colour to be (base colours are best).
5.touch up with a 2nd layer if you have unhealthy adoration for colours like pink. Orange is a great base for yellow for example. Currently the model looks terrible, dont worry because:
6. Cover everything in nuln oil (black wash)
7.when dry you can touch up barriers between sections with vallejo black ink or leave to the end.
8.highlight with basecoat and a touch of white mixed in. Leave some darker bits.
9.highlight some of the highlights towards the extremetries with a lighter shade again. Lightest at the tips.
10. Do the eyes and other tiny details.
11.put grass on base and put in cabinet - best bit!!

I wish someone had told me this 20yrs ago. In 6months you can give me advice on how to improve which i will happily take :13:

Good luck with your endeavors : )


I really like the look of the lammasu and I commend you for your ambitious use of yellow in your models! I find it to be one of the most difficult colors to work with if you want it bright and crisp.

I saw online somebody base-coating Imperial Fists with pink. Trying that recipe today actually on some squigs. Decidedly still difficult…

Regardless, keep up the great work. Hashut is pleased!

Nice! It’s great to see and alt paintjob on this guy, switching out the red for white is very effective :21:


Thanks for the kind comments all! Been a bit of a staggered week since I last posted, not really sure why.

The banner pole on the Lammasu was originally on this Hero, so I had to replace his. Thankfully I had the “correct” (bulls head totems instead of lightning bolts) banner pole in my bits box, so decided to take care of that. Actually really pleased with the plate on the back.

Whilst I was working on banners, I decided to stick with them and add some to other units in the army that needed them. Both my Earthshakers now have their banners, as does the Bull Centaur standard Bearer.

The banners aren’t perfect, but I love them. Just PVA glue and bend them a bit as they’re drying to give the wind effect. I can never line them up perfectly (or even closely aha) so I just paint the edges to tidy it up a little bit.

After that I started working on the final 10 CD warriors for my army. This is number 31 out of 40. Out of all the sculpts in the CD range, this is the one I like least. I find it such a pain in the ass to paint, the top half just feels too intricate or so, and feels very claustrophobic almost. Thankfully I think I only have 1 more to paint.

He’s definitely not my best, but will look alright for the tabeltop!

Annoyingly right now I’m waiting for supplies before I can keep painting, and post around here is so slow even on top of covid etc. Hopefully sometime this week they’ll arrive!


:crossed_fingers:t2: they’ll be there soon, nothing worse than being ready to paint but no supplies :sob:

Loving all these banners :26: this is excellent work all around

My supplies arrived and I’ve been carrying on working on my Chaos Dwarf Warriors. Just 1 more to go and then I’ve got my first regiment of 20 finished.

Will aim to have him done by the weekend. After that, another 5 warriors to complete my second regiment of 20.


@Filmdeg impressed with the minis as always man. I think I’ve said before but the colour scheme and basing scheme really appeals to me.

Only thing I’m disappointed in is the lack of paint on your thumb this time- normally it’s caked in at least a few layers :stuck_out_tongue: :cd1991gif:


Something I pride myself on :anvilskull:


I also love your colour scheme on these, reminds me of looking through a 4th ed book.
That old school style has long been something that gives me warm fuzzy feels.
Love it! :hatoff:

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Thanks man! Yeah when I started the army, I really wanted it to look like those in the 4th edition army book, but to also have some look of… I’m struggling for the word, but a 6th edition paintjob is what I’m going for :stuck_out_tongue: not necessarily grim dark, but a nice balance of 4th edition hero hammer with vibrant and bold colours, but also 6th edition with its sense of gritty “realism” :tower2:


Well I think you have had a great win with that goal mate, you have alot to be proud of :beer:

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It’s a balance you’ve achieved @Filmdeg

Also a tiny thing but I enjoy how basing scheme continues into the edge of the movement tray. May have to steal this idea for my Roman project

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