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This is my first Chaos Dwarf Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher. I decided to be brave and try some freehand. I wrote “hashut!” on the barrel and, you know, its legible atleast! I always think about going over it and writing something more menacing or antagonizing, but it’ll do for now.


My other Chaos Dwarf Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher! I painted this one almost immediately after the 1st one, and decided to do some more freehand. The missile says “To Karl-Franz” - something menacing and I’ve seen old war photos where troops had written similar messages to their adversaries.


The mighty Earthshaker! One of the most iconic Warhammer models for me. The lead-crew member was painted around the same time as the Sorcerer, and will probably get the same treatment in that I might keep him the way he is for nostalgias sake.


Hobgoblins! It wouldn’t be a Chaos Dwarfs army without Hobgoblins! This is my Hobgoblin Archer regiment. It took me a little while to adjust to painting them, although really the only differences being the skin colour and cloth rags, I found it a little unnerving at first and struggled to decide how to keep them in the same vein as my Chaos Dwarfs, but also keep them unique as a separate race.


The Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower! The Bolt Thrower itself is a bit basic, but I guess it matches the Hobgob aesthetic of being basic! I was really pleased with how the crew turned out though, especially the blue helmet.


Hobgoblin Warriors! As of April 2020 these are the most recent models I finished for the army. The champion is one of my favourite Hobgoblin sculpts and I’m really proud of how he turned out! I also really like the banner on these guys, despite messing it up a bit!


Looking really good with that beautiful and accurately styled old school paint scheme! Very well done!

Wonderful blog, the way it should be done. :slight_smile:

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Looks great! Love your colour scheme and paintjob. It really gets the best out of these wonderful sculpts!

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Such a beautiful army!
You really deserve those Hobgoblins Wolf Riders you’re looking for. :+1:
And we deserve a nice shot of the whole army :wink:

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I started painting my Sneaky Gits this last week, although I haven’t got much done so far as I’m bogged down with work, but planning a nice painting spree this weekend!

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I started working on my next unit - Sneaky Gits!

I intended on doing the cloaks like Nightgoblins, but still wanted to fit them with my Army. The bright colours make them not so sneaky, but Hobgoblins are sneaky by nature to make up for it!

I tried some uhhh Edge Highlighting on the cloak, which isn’t something I’ve really done elsewhere in the army, I think it works ok. I’ve struggled to achieve the effect I want with the daggers - As they’re poisonous weapons, I wanted to reflect that on the model itself, but so far everything I’ve tried just looked too shit and clunky, or made the weapon look more magical than poisonous. I’m intending to order some resin and uv light from green stuff world and try like a small dripping poison effect. Thats sort of on hold for the moment though given the current state of things. For now I’ll atleast try paint the rest of the unit to this level.


If you’re a Backstager over on BoW/OTT then check out a segment they did a couple of weeks ago on using UHU glue to create liquid effects (blood, drool, etc). Should work well for poison dripping off the blades. :wink:

Failing that, maybe try a wash of green or purple along the edge of the blades to imply poisons.

Whats BoW/OTT? I had seen this tutorial on youtube and whilst the effect is quite exaggerated there, I think maybe a very small little drip coming off the blade could be achieved the same way, and hopefully look effective without look silly, comedic or overkill.

I had tried a wash along the edge, but it either just didn’t give it enough ooomf, or made it look like a magical weapon instead. Maybe its my execution, i just couldn’t pull it off.

Here’s my 2nd Sneaky Git “Finished” this evening - the other one I actually did about a week ago.

Like everything I do, a little messy but :man_shrugging:


Beasts of War/On TableTop:

If you are going to try using a thinned green or purple wash on the blade, also get some Blue-Tac. Do each blade on a model individually and Blue-Tac the model so that the thinned, and quite runny wash, is angled downwards and will coat the blade thicker on the edge and the point.

And I found that a thinned wash of Codex Grey over black robes can look quite good

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Neat palette! A fine force. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Admiral!

@Abecedar - Oh thats a good shout actually, I’ll give that a try.

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Had this arrive in the post today!

It didn’t cost £3…

My first wolf rider tho! Considering how hard they are to find online, I was stoked with getting this one. Hopefully won’t have to wait so long till I get the next one.


The first fix I “free”… :wink: